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Dec 13, 2010

An EventFULL weekend

I had quite an eventful weekend! I'm lumping Thursday and Friday into my weekend too because that's when I took off for San Francisco. My alarm woke me up at 4:15 am on Thursday morning and it was pretty much non stop until Sunday night. I headed straight into the office after I landed and picked up my sweet Ford Fiesta rental car (a total party). I worked from the office all day and then headed out to a client dinner at Alexander's Steakhouse. The food was really incredible and I had a cocktail I'll definitely be trying to recreate (vodka, muddled strawberries, mint, balsamic syrup, and black pepper). After dinner took almost four hours I headed over to my friend Jeni's house to catch up over a few more drinks before hitting the air mattress. Jeni and I used to be roommates so it was good to snuggle up with this old roomie too (Luci).LuciI was back to the office Friday morning and then headed across the city after work to the Mission where I'd be staying the rest of the weekend. I got dressed up for my office holiday party and headed out to another tasty dinner and some good times with my coworkers. I rocked my new favorite accessory (a Giant Dwarf Starlette Crown) as a belt that night. Giant Dwarf Starlette CrownSaturday morning Allie, Summer and I hit up Greens for lunch before we did some great holiday shopping at the Bazaar Bizarre at Fort Mason. We squeezed in some downtown shopping as well, went out to dinner, and to a holiday/bday party. The three of us finished off the night dancing in the Mission for old time's sake. Allie Summer MollyDonald Glover was also there and since I am a huge Community fan I couldn't resist and said hello. I met Danny Pudi earlier this year when he randomly ended up stopping by my Brother In Law's birthday party. That's two characters from the show down- now if only Joel Mchale would be next!

After a quick coffee date with Vivianna on Sunday morning I was headed to the airport where I FAILED the body scan. Apparently there was an area of my body they couldn't 'clear' so they ushered me to a private room where I had a very thorough pat down. It was so crazy! What the heck did that machine think I had inside of me?!! My flight was late which is always a pain, but I kind of welcomed the chance to have a glass of wine to unwind after my TSA groping.

Mr. Joe Zee (the Creative Director of ELLE Magazine) made my day much better when he posted a message I had tweeted him to all of his followers. I get really excited just thinking of the fact that he's now read the name ViviDot! Now I'm just waiting for my call about that big magazine feature ;)
I went straight to the Vivi Dot workshop to finish up orders and prep them for shipping. Olive completed her final shipment checks as well.Shipping KittyDuncan was very excited to have me back home and I was rewarded with some of my favorite things- pink champagne, fancy cheese, a fire, and cozy time on the couch with the fam.Indoor Picnic
I packed in a ton of fun, but I'm also excited to have a relatively low key weekend before the final Christmas countdown begins. If you need a little relaxing escape I suggest watching this dreamy time lapse video Duncan made while I was gone.

Clouds Over the Puget Sound from Duncan Hooper on Vimeo.

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Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Looks you had a very busy, but fun weekend! Love how you styled your starlette crown!

Allie said...

What the heck did Joe Zee say? Or did you say to Joe Zee? One of my favorite segments in Elle.

katie jean said...

I love the plates of food in front of the fire! We have dinner like that every once in a while, but we watch a movie. We call it our wine and cheese night! Sounds kinda 70's. We just need fondue!