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Dec 17, 2010


I'm an Aunt, my Mom's a Grandma, Duncan's an Uncle, Grandma Dot is GREAT Grandma! Most importantly, Emily and Bryce are Mom & Dad! Audrey Jean was born at 2:02 pm yesterday December 16th and I can hardly wait to go see the little cutie in person next week. She's got a full head of hair and is just so pretty already! Emily and Bryce were deciding between a few names and I'm so happy Audrey won out. It was my top pick and I think it fits just right. Jean is my Mom's middle name and Bryce's Grandma's name which makes her middle name so special.
My heart is melting!Pin It


Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Congratulations to you and your family<333

Jen HaHA said...

Congratulations! Baby is so cute and she isn't wrinkly or raisiny. I see some Vividot hairpins in her future!

Kelley said...

congrats auntie!! she is beautiful!!

Jen HaHA said...


I tagged you on today's post to share 7 random things about yourself. It's kind if like those "All About Me" e-mails that go around. You may have done it before or may not want to do it. I'm still new to this blogging community and you've been great about making me feel welcome through your comments. So, I've tagged you!

Jen :o)