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Nov 18, 2010

Would You Like That Gift Wrapped?

My love of gift wrapping was inherited from my Mom. I knew how to create crisp corners and fancy handmade bows out of floral ribbon before I hit my double digit years. It was a running joke at my friend's birthday parties that the gift I brought could be spotted a mile away. My family is big into stocking stuffers too and we individually wrap every tiny thing that goes into them. The only sales we religiously hit on December 26th are the ones where we can stock up on fancy wrapping supplies at 50% off. Okay, I think you get it - we're into wrapping packages!

Unlike my Mom who has a boxes full of holiday wrap, bows, ribbon and gift tags I always end up scrounging for supplies. Now that Duncan and I don't plan on moving for a while I think I can finally warrant stocking up on some pretty, festive supplies. I think it will be fun to share with you my purchases as well as creative, eco friendly, and money saving alternatives here on the Dot Girl Blog as the days quickly countdown to Christmas.

I'll start off this 'Would You Like That Gift Wrapped' series with some of my all time favorite places to shop for gift wrap supplies as well as some fun new finds.

Target - I just spotted some incredibly cute holiday paper in the $0.99 section of Target. Unfortunately, it was when I was in Las Vegas so now I'm just hoping they have the same thing at the one I go to.

Daiso - Oh how I wish there were a Daiso in Seattle! Just about everything there is from Japan and costs $1.50. They have cute wrapping paper, but my $1.50's add up the fastest in the stationary section. Watch out for cute gift bags in varied sizes and adorable gift tags and cards. Lots of them have fun little sayings translated into English that almost make sense. That's the fun part!

Ikea - If you're willing to brave the crowds or are already there for other reasons Ikea usually has cute bags, tissue and wrapping paper at affordable Ikea prices.

Happy Tape - Japanese washi tape has changed me forever! More on that soon.

Paper Source - I could live inside a Paper Source store and be happy forever. So much cute stuff! Their paper products are really high quality, but you pay for it. I plan to share my tips on how to make the pricier stuff like this last so you get more for your money.

I love a good bargain so it's tough for me to spend a lot of money on paper products, especially when they're mass produced. I'd be happy to pay more for these handmade options though!

Ink + Wit - 'luxe gift wrap offset printed on durable 100% post consumer recycled paper' = SOLD! (found this shop via SFGirlByBay)

Alexander Girard - Handmade wrap so pretty it could be framed! (found this designer via Creature Comforts)

Viva Greetings - 'Letterpress Wrapping Paper with playful phrases in english, spanish and spanglish are perfecto!"

Here are some of my gift wrap creations from a few years back.
Contact Paper Branch with Holiday Berries and Leaves
Snakeskin Paper Christmas Tree
Festive Robots
Where do you get your gift wrapping supplies?
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Charissa said...

Look at these! Great list, and great collection of gifts you've wrapped. I am going strong with a single roll of kraft paper, so it's great to be reminded of some affordable options out there when I finally need to change things up.

Are you in Seattle? My sister bought me some patterned tape at a Daiso...I did a quick search and there should be one downtown and one in the ID. Have fun!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Great tips! I would happily live with you inside Paper-Source - it's so dreamy!

My favorite wrapping supply is definitely simple craft paper; it makes a perfect base for embellishing with ribbons and washi tape. I also like to stitch patterns directly onto the paper using my sewing machine and brightly colored thread. It's so easy to do and always gets a big reaction.

Yay for the holidays!!