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Nov 15, 2010

Paper Back Book Pages - A Matting Alternative

Just popping in for a quick DIY photo matting alternative. I recently framed a bunch of etsy purchases for our upstairs bathroom. I bought precut matting for most of them, but there was one that required a creative solution. I could have gotten a mat custom cut, but decided to try something new. I purchased a cheap paper back book at Goodwill. I made sure it had a warm hugh to the pages to compliment the photo. I also made sure it was in pretty bad shape overall so I wouldn't feel too guilty tearing it up. I simply ripped strips of the pages and layered them over each other with Elmer's Spray Adhesive (one of my favs). I placed this lovely photo from The Light Fantastic smack dab in the middle and she was ready for her frame!Photo Matting AlternativePin It


miss alix said...

oh that looks lovely. i like!

Ashlee said...

Love this! What a sweet and easy idea!

Nikki Mortham said...

Great idea! I think it looks better than a boring old mat... And less expensive :) I will have my photography students on it pronto!

Sarah Ann said...

This is SO creative. And your blog look is SO cute! You are very talented! Glad I found your blog!