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Nov 5, 2010

Our Negative 1 Anniversary

One year from today Duncan and I will be getting married, making it our -1 anniversary today. I wish I could skip all the work and just jump to 11/5/11, though I know I'll have an awesome time planning too. Thinking of where I'll be a year from today is beyond exciting. The work will be done, it will be the day to let loose with all of our friends and celebrate big time. It will be my favorite time of year and we'll be headed off to a warm sunny honeymoon in a few days. When we return we'll be just in time for an even better time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

While I'm on the wedding tip I should mention that the lovely Junia did an extremely flattering post about our upcoming wedding over on Sitting In A Tree. Check out the 'Vivi Dot Gets Engaged' post!

I love you Duncan and can't wait to be your wife!Pin It


Liz said...

'Negative anniversary' ha! I love that. Congrats you two <3

Cal said...

Aw, thats such a cute post! I'm so excited for you!