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Nov 29, 2010

O is for Overindulging & Oregon

I spent an amazing long weekend in the sticks of Oregon with Duncan and his family. We rented a house about 30 miles East of Salem and had a fantastic time. After dealing with our first ever frozen pipe on Wednesday morning we hit the road at about 1:30 for our four hour and forty minute drive. Four hours and only 100 miles later we finally got through traffic and made it to our destination in eight long hours in the car. TrafficOur Cabin in the WoodsI woke up early on Thanksgiving ready to get started in the kitchen. We cooked and drank and played games all day as we waited for the turkey to be done. We overindulged a bit on the pre dinner drinks because the turkey just wouldn't cook fast enough! I later realized that the oven door didn't latch all the way shut which is why it took a good two hours longer than expected.
The rest of the weekend was filled with Uno, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, hot tubbing, walks in the snow, movies, crashing on the couch with the animals and prepping for a Vivi Dot holiday show I have coming up next weekend. Handsome Duncan
Walks in the Snow

Gluing ViviDots
Peppermint Flower Bud Hair ClipIt was a cozy weekend full of too much wine and food and just the right amount of family time- just how I like my Thanksgiving!Pin It


Sarah Ann said...

What great pictures! Happy holidays!!

Mandy said...

What an adorable little cabin/house. I miss Oregon winters ... but not the snow. ;)