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Nov 10, 2010

Baby Girt's Coming Soon!

My older sister, Emily, is five weeks away from welcoming a baby girl. They haven't decided on a name yet, but in the belly she goes by Girt. My Mom and I flew out to Las Vegas last Saturday to attend a shower and help Emily and Bryce prep the nursery for baby Girt's arrival.

Emily's coworkers threw her a wonderful shower with some fun activities, beautiful food and a crazy number of gifts. The cake and cookies were from Freed's Bakery and they were picture perfect. Baby Shower Freed's Cake
Mom brought some pics of little Emily (holding the dog).
Baby Pic
There were lots of tiny little girl gifts and many great 'must have' baby supplies from knowledgeable mommies.
Opening Gifts
It was great to meet so many of Em's friends.
Baby Shower Girls
Sunday was all about the nursery. Emily decided on a wall decal from Simple Shapes to dress up the room without having to repaint. Here are the progress photos:
Do not try this at home.
Starting the DecalApplying the DecalWinter TreeWith Owls
Emily's feet started swelling up like crazy so she was relegated to peeling the stickers off of the paper backing.
Mom took over for her.
Adding LeavesTree with FoliageLady Bugs TooSoon to Be Mom and DadFinished Nursery
Ready for the little one!
Soon to Be Mom and Dad
We're really excited for your arrival 'lil Girty!
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Kelley said...

what an adorable wall mural!! enjoy being an auntie!!!

amber lynn said...

that wall decal is sooooo cute! i just love the little owls!