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Oct 29, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox Costumes

Duncan and I adore The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie so we are very excited to dress up as Ash (me) and Kristofferson (Duncan) for Halloween. We did some shopping last weekend and found the perfect clothes for our get ups at Target and TJ Maxx so all that was left was to recreate the furry portions of the costumes. Here's how I created our tails and ears:
We bought a half a yard of faux fur each- foxy red for me and a gray blend for Duncan.
We also bought some small squares of white for the tip of the tail and the ears. Cut out a triangle and make sure the hair will be going in the right direction (down). Make sure to make tiny little snips so you only cut the backing and not the fur. If you just cut all the way through it will give the fur a funny, choppy hair cut.
Roll up the white triangle to create the tip of the tail.
Use a large, heavy duty needle to make a couple of quick stitches to keep the fur rolled up.
That's the only sewing that you'll need to do for this project. After that this fabric glue will be your best friend. It's amazing, and I almost used a whole bottle on two sets of these suckers.
Put some glue on the bottom corner of your fur (fur should be going downward here as well).
Place the white tip of the tail in the glue.
Tie up some stuffing so it's the right shape for the tail.
Cut the red fur on an angle with enough room to roll it up and overlap it. Place the tied up stuffing above the white fur tail tip.
Use the glue along the bottom and right edge and roll her up.
Add some extra stuffing at the top to fill it out and you're done! You can attach it directly to your clothes or to a belt.

We bought some cheap animal ear headbands to use as the base of our fox ears. I started with some bangs on top for mine.
Cut out some white fur in the shape of the ears (a little bit bigger if anything as you can cut them down). The fur should be going up for these cuts.
Then make a smaller ear shape in red for the inside of the ears. Do the same for the back of the ears. It helps to make these ones a bit bigger so they can overlap and cover up the sides of the store bought ears. The fabric glue works fast so you can just form it over the top of the headband and hold there a few seconds until it sets. Then just cut little strips to cover up the sides of the headbands and line the inside as well for more furry volume.
That's it! I drew some yellow stripes on some creme socks and made a little 'A' badge out of red fabric and felt. And we're done!

I'll be sure to post pictures of the whole look (bandit hats and all) after the weekend's festivities are complete. Happy Halloween!

Update: You can see our complete Ash and Kristofferson costumes by clicking here.Pin It


kristin elena. said...

this is such a cute costume! can't wait to see more pics. :]

Family Stew said...

I'd love to see all the completed looks! Thanks!

Family Stew said...

I'd love to see the completed costumes! Thanks!

Molly said...

Family Stew- there's a link at that bottom of the post where it says update.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to try this for my 11 year old..she wants to be a fox and there are no store costumns.....and I don't sew...so I stumbled on your blog- thank you soooo much!

Paul said...

Molly, Any chance you can help me out and tell me where you got the fur from? That looks like the quality of fur Ive been looking for a very long time. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your supplies??