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Oct 29, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox Costumes

Duncan and I adore The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie so we are very excited to dress up as Ash (me) and Kristofferson (Duncan) for Halloween. We did some shopping last weekend and found the perfect clothes for our get ups at Target and TJ Maxx so all that was left was to recreate the furry portions of the costumes. Here's how I created our tails and ears:
We bought a half a yard of faux fur each- foxy red for me and a gray blend for Duncan.
We also bought some small squares of white for the tip of the tail and the ears. Cut out a triangle and make sure the hair will be going in the right direction (down). Make sure to make tiny little snips so you only cut the backing and not the fur. If you just cut all the way through it will give the fur a funny, choppy hair cut.
Roll up the white triangle to create the tip of the tail.
Use a large, heavy duty needle to make a couple of quick stitches to keep the fur rolled up.
That's the only sewing that you'll need to do for this project. After that this fabric glue will be your best friend. It's amazing, and I almost used a whole bottle on two sets of these suckers.
Put some glue on the bottom corner of your fur (fur should be going downward here as well).
Place the white tip of the tail in the glue.
Tie up some stuffing so it's the right shape for the tail.
Cut the red fur on an angle with enough room to roll it up and overlap it. Place the tied up stuffing above the white fur tail tip.
Use the glue along the bottom and right edge and roll her up.
Add some extra stuffing at the top to fill it out and you're done! You can attach it directly to your clothes or to a belt.

We bought some cheap animal ear headbands to use as the base of our fox ears. I started with some bangs on top for mine.
Cut out some white fur in the shape of the ears (a little bit bigger if anything as you can cut them down). The fur should be going up for these cuts.
Then make a smaller ear shape in red for the inside of the ears. Do the same for the back of the ears. It helps to make these ones a bit bigger so they can overlap and cover up the sides of the store bought ears. The fabric glue works fast so you can just form it over the top of the headband and hold there a few seconds until it sets. Then just cut little strips to cover up the sides of the headbands and line the inside as well for more furry volume.
That's it! I drew some yellow stripes on some creme socks and made a little 'A' badge out of red fabric and felt. And we're done!

I'll be sure to post pictures of the whole look (bandit hats and all) after the weekend's festivities are complete. Happy Halloween!

Update: You can see our complete Ash and Kristofferson costumes by clicking here.Pin It

Oct 27, 2010

My Pretty Little Lace Pumpkin

I just had do dress up one of my pumpkins in black lace this year! Simply cut a little hole for the stem and then use black duct tape to attach it securely at the bottom of the pumpkin. Top her off with a shiny black bow and she's ready to go! It doesn't get much easier than that!Pin It

Oct 26, 2010

Problem Solved!

My dog Indy has many great qualities, but grace is not one of them. I remember when Duncan and I first got him about five years ago, he acted like he had never seen stairs before. He wasn't sure how to operate his body up and down them, and really hasn't improved much since then. Our new house in Seattle has an amazing hardwood, curved staircase. Stairs No CarpetIndy was able to manuevuer his way up the stairs, but would get tripped up at the trianglular shaped stairs on the way down. He'd normally lose his footing at that point and then tumble the rest of the way down, sliding into Duncan's office. He decided this wasn't worth it (rightfully so) and would avoid going upstairs at all. Now and then he'd come up to sleep near us, but then trembled in the morning, afraid to go back down. Carrying a 70 pound dog down slippery stairs is very nerve wracking so a remedy was needed.

I had been itching to try out some Flor Carpet Tiles and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so. After a speedy delivery we set out to solve our pup's problem. We measured and cut and measured some more. Duncan MeasuringAfter we had everything laid out nicely we used some carpet adhesive to attach the cut squares securely in place. Voila! Problem solved! Indy can now come up up and down the stairs on his own and we aren't breaking any rental house rules!Flor Tile Stairs
Winding StaircasesMy favorite part about the stairs is the zig zag architecture at the top! Isn't it fancy!?Zig Zag StaircasePin It

Oct 20, 2010

We've Set a Date!

Duncan and I have set a date for our wedding! We'll be married next year in November- 11/5/11 to be exact, which I happen to think it a pretty awesome date. I was doing some research on wedding locations and instantly fell in love when I discovered the Georgetown Ballroom. I knew from the website photos alone that it was the perfect place for us and seeing it in person only confirmed it more. There are two huge rooms with exposed brick and tons of charm. There's also a beautiful courtyard area that we'll use if the usual rainy November weather decides to be nice for us. There are colorful lanterns hanging from the room where we'll be married and later dance the night away. There are unique old signs throughout the venue including a 'Jolly Roger' lit up sign above the stage, a 'Chop Suey' sign and other amazing surprises around each corner. We have lots of ideas about how to decorate the tables, but the rest of the venue is set as is which is huge!Georgetown BallroomGeorgetown BallroomWe've known for years that our colors would definitely have to be purple and green. We'll be using various shades of each, but since we'll be wed in the fall we're focusing on deeper, richer shades like olive green and plum. Duncan and Molly Vivi Dot was recently featured in University Link Magazine (the one with Joel McHale on the cover). Duncan mentioned that he wanted to wear a slim fit, style suit like the on on this cover in our wedding. I'd be the last person to complain about going for a McHale look so I was so excited to see that Gilt Group had amazing deals on slim fit Italian suits today in their first ever wedding sale. Now we're just crossing our fingers that it works out! Duncan's SuiteOh my goodness he's going to be sooo handsome!!
Now that we have over a year we're having a lot of fun during this stage where we are thinking of lots of fun ideas, but aren't having to actually act on much quite yet. I'll be sharing more as our ideas are executed. Thanks for coming along with me on this once in a lifetime journey!Pin It

Oct 11, 2010

Falling for Fall

One huge advantage of moving back to Seattle was the return to seasons. Sure, the temperatures change a bit month over month in San Francisco, but I missed ushering in new seasons in a more obvious manner. Seattle is amazing in the fall with lots of clear, cold, crisp days with pretty blue skies. There are also plenty of rainy days that are perfect for keeping cozy indoors. This weekend was pretty wet so Duncan and I stayed close to home for the most part.
Waking up to no alarm is such a rare treat and I was able to do just that both Saturday and Sunday. Indy didn't want to get out of bed either. Lazy Sunday Indy I sipped coffee in our own little diner and read for a while. Home GameOlive did some reading as well. Olive Kitty ReadingI got word from Cyroline that they received their big order of Vivi Dot Watch Necklaces and Hair Pins. If you're in Germany make sure to check them out at a Cyroline store near you! Vivi Dot Watch Necklaces We did get out on Sunday to head to the huge Goodwill in our neighborhood. I found the perfect skirt for my Halloween costume, Olive's new cat book (featured above), a cute cow creamer, and an owl for our yard. I found this awesome sign the weekend before that will be up in our diner soon. Steak and Ale PubWe finished out the lovely weekend with a yummy meal of stuffed peppers. Gotta love the dramatic oven lighting on this one:Stuffed PeppersOther activities not documented with my iPhone camera included watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox on our new bluray player, going to see It's Kind of a Funny Story (highly recommended/awesome soundtrack), going to a staff meeting for the dance studio, a little wedding planning/research, and picking up some pumpkins. What did you do this weekend?Pin It

Oct 5, 2010

Vampd Magazine - Dots of Joy

I met the lovely ladies of Vampd Magazine at the Pool Trade Show this past August. They were very enthusiastic about about Vivi Dot and hoped to feature some items in their next issue. I just received my digital copy of their anniversary issue and I was SO excited to find my Bold Solid Rings featured in their fashion section!
I'm well aware that my line of accessories features a lot of whimsical and cutesy prints. These fun items are big part of what I do, but I also have a lot of edgier items that often get lost in the cute. Because of this I am especially excited to be featured in Vampd amongst other fashion forward brands. I also can't wait to share my new statement necklaces with you soon. It's a brand new, more sophisticated look for Vivi Dot and I think you'll really love them.
I'm no hand model, but I tried to capture a quick pic of how I wear my solid rings. I usually wear three hues from the same color family at a time.Thanks again to Jade from Vampd Magazine for this lovely feature! You can see a sneak peek of 25 pages of the mag here and can purchase your online copy for only $1.99 here.Pin It