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Sep 3, 2010

Let's Catch Up!

Poor, sleepy little Dot Girl Blog. She's been out like a light for weeks now, but she's up and ready to go now so let's catch up! What a few weeks it has been! I think it's best to fill you in by sharing some photos of what's transpired.

Duncan and I packed up our life in San Francisco and said goodbye to a city we love. Goodbye San FranciscoI was in our Yaris with Olive, Indy, and this little guy as my co-pilot: co-pilotDuncan and Ciccio became truck drivers: Truck Driver CiccioMany, many hours and one overnight in Oregon later, we hit the Emerald City: Welcome to SeattleWe were all happy to have made, but I think Olive was the most excited to get out of that car: Olive Meets Her HouseWe went out to a nice dinner and to an Autolux show downtown to celebrate our arrival and my birthday: The NoodleDay two in Seattle was all Vivi Dot prep as I readied myself for a trip to Las Vegas later than night. I was on my way to the POOL Trade Show and was excited to share my new items with all of the buyers. Here's a little look at my booth this time around: Vivi Dot BoothAfter another successful show I was so ready to head back to my new home to start getting organized. First up was getting my desk area set up so I'd have a nice place to settle into working my day job from home. Desk ViewSo much Vivi Dot stuff to organize:Fabric StacksThe kitchen was also a priority:KitchenSo now we're back in the swing of making delicious dinners. I discovered just how good red cabbage can be! Especially on fish tacos: Fish TacosAnd just last night we made the delicious pizza. We caramelized onions from the Ballard Farmer's Market and spread them all over the dough instead of the usual sauce. We piled on mozzarella, potato slices and fresh rosemary. It was just perfect finished off with fresh grated gruyere cheese. Yummmmm: Pizza TimeThanks for catching up with me! What have I missed while I've been MIA? Please let me know in the comments.Pin It


Cal said...

Aw, Your adventure looks so fun! I'm glad Olive has a new home to relax in! Also, you display at the trade show is so pretty! Yay, Seattle!

RSA Course said...

Man that pizza is making me hungry! Can I have your adventure? Pretty please :)

Vanessa said...

Holy sh*t! That food looks amazing can you please move into my house and cook me dinner each night?? :) And p.s I wish I would've known you'd be in Vegas! I would totally love to meet you sometime. Looks like I'll just have to meet you when I move to Seattle <333