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Aug 9, 2010

Love Me Sailor - Engagement Photos

My body aches from physical labor, but I'm happy to report we made a ton of progress this weekend. We packed all day Saturday and had a garage sale on Sunday. We donated what was left and kept on packing into the night. It was an exhausting weekend, but it actually feels like getting out of here on Wednesday just might be doable.

We took a welcome break on Saturday to check out a sneak peek of our engagement photos over at the Love Me Sailor Blog. We are so ecstatic with how they turned out! We went to some of our favorite spots in the city and it's amazing to see them captured through the lens of such an amazing, artistic photographer. I've admired Ron's work for years and we couldn't be more pleased that they've recently been getting their feet wet in the wedding photography biz. With Ron's amazing talent and Dominique's knack for all things wedding they make a super team! Oh and they're madly in love too which makes it even more special. You can see some more of the pics on their blog so please leave comments there and show them some much deserved love!
This bench is where Duncan proposed.

I think is my favorite.
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Aug 6, 2010

Step By Step (Oooh Baby)

Step by step and day by day, we're getting closer to the big move date and we're busy, busy, busy! I'll be packing all weekend and having a garage sale too. If you're in SF (we're in the Outer Richmond) and want to come by please email me for more info. We'll be selling some furniture, craft supplies, records, clothes, and I'll even have a Vivi Dot table where everything will be 50% off! We'll be selling from 10am to 2pm so come help us clear out some of our stuff so we can fit everything into our Uhaul.

Duncan and I had our engagement photos taken last week by our dear friends over at Love Me Sailor (you can follow them on Twitter too). We thought it would be perfect to have some casual photos taken of us in the city we met and fell in love before we take off for the city where we'll marry. I haven't seen any of them yet, but I'll be sure to post some here once I have them!

I really can't wait until I'm moved, back from POOL and settled in. I'm keeping a list of blog worthy things I can't wait to share once I have my life back and have some time after work to post here again. Hope you'll stick around in the meantime!

We'll also be cramming in one last little dog walk with D-O-G (say it 'diyogi') tomorrow too. We'll really gonna miss this little guy and his parents (Duncan's parents) too!Pin It