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Jul 15, 2010


I'm making progress! I had craigslist memorized I was stalking it so much and it paid off last weekend when I secured a rental house in Seattle! It was more competitive up there than I thought, but I'm really happy where we've landed. I was a bundle of nerves in the process though especially since Duncan had to stay in San Francisco to work all weekend. I can't wait for him to see in person because I know he'll just love it! Here's a peek at the outside. Home Sweet HomeNow if only I could skip ahead and bypass the packing, the moving, the unpacking. I can't wait to share some fun before, during, and after pics here on the blog. I'm especially excited about the huge basement space that we've decided to turn into a workshop/craft area. Good stuff!Pin It


Michelle (michabella) said...

ADORABLE HOUSE!!! Omg!!! Love <333

Wendy Hynes said...

Super Duper Cute! I sense you're going to be sooooooo happy there :)

katie jean said...

it is adorable! I love brick houses, and a crafty basement too :) You are all set!