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Jul 19, 2010

Todo Lists and Family Additions

I have a constant nervous feeling brewing in my stomach these days. I'm always worrying that I'm forgetting something related to the big move and/or the big trade show I have coming up. I'm also always concerned that I'm not cramming enough into my days. I'm aware that I over think and plan things. This usually means I'm nice and organized, but it sure is exhausting!

Here are some of the things I did this weekend:

* Cut hundreds of fabric circles that I passed of to Junia who's helping me press buttons (thank goodness for helpful friends).
* Bought a new bed and mattress to be delivered 2 days after we're in our new house in Seattle.
* Signed our lease and wrote a lot of checks.
* Planned my booth display for the POOL Trade Show.
* Cleaned up the house.
* Squeezed in a date night with Duncan who had his first day off in 13 days.
* Took the doggie for some walks.
* Worked on a collaboration project I'm doing with Diana.
* Assembled some of my brand new necklaces that I can't wait to share.
* Took inventory of all of my findings and packaging to make sure I'm ready for the show.
* Designed new Vivi Dot Earring cards (smaller ones).
* Shipped out a few orders.
* Made a long to do list to help keep me sane.
Mattress ShoppingOn another very exciting note my big sister is pregnant with a baby girl! I've known since Mother's day, but thought I'd wait to spill the beans here until we knew the sex. I'm so excited to be an auntie! The little lady will be the first grand kid from my generation of cousins so we're extra excited. Grandma Dot is also very relieved to FINALLY have a great great grand baby (something all of her friends already have). She's going to be so spoiled! I'm already thinking up baby friendly ViviDot products to test out on her. The future parents:Emily * BrycePin It

Jul 15, 2010


I'm making progress! I had craigslist memorized I was stalking it so much and it paid off last weekend when I secured a rental house in Seattle! It was more competitive up there than I thought, but I'm really happy where we've landed. I was a bundle of nerves in the process though especially since Duncan had to stay in San Francisco to work all weekend. I can't wait for him to see in person because I know he'll just love it! Here's a peek at the outside. Home Sweet HomeNow if only I could skip ahead and bypass the packing, the moving, the unpacking. I can't wait to share some fun before, during, and after pics here on the blog. I'm especially excited about the huge basement space that we've decided to turn into a workshop/craft area. Good stuff!Pin It

Jul 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day America!

Happy 4th of July! I've gathered some inspiring images featuring some patriotic reds, whites and blues. I'll be celebrating by working on ye good old American dream also known as building my small business. No rest for the weary this weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous day!
blue(click the image for it's source)Pin It

Jul 2, 2010


Oh how I heart today's vintage find for this week's decked out. Just look at those buttons up the side of this cutesy yellow and black polka dot jumper from The Appleseed Vintage! To die for!Decked Out PolkadottyI've paired this comfy jumper with some Gladiator Flat Sandals from Urban Original and another dotted touch with a Vivi Dot Watch Necklace. Isn't this the perfect summer get up for a 4th of July BBQ?
What are your plans for this glorious long weekend?Pin It