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Jun 3, 2010

What Home Means to Me

When I think of home warm feelings of comfort, familiarity, and retreat first come to mind. It's not only the place I pay rent, but also my Mom's house, my Grandma's house, and neighborhoods I've lived in before. San Francisco is my city now, but Seattle will always be home too. Seattle & San FranciscoI love to fill my home with items that conjure up these same feelings of warmth. An inviting and cozy bed is a must as are unexpected pops of color here an there. I've picked up a lot of crafty items from designers at the shows I participate in. From funky plushies to pretty prints and paintings, filling my house with things I know I won't see everywhere else makes my space feel special.
Comfy Colorful CornersMy line of accessories is created at home so an area where it's okay to make a creative mess is required. Creative MessHome is also about filling up your space with people you love. Cooking a delicious meal and entertaining my friends and family is when my home is at it's best. Let Me Entertain YouLast but not least, home is an escape from the rest of my hectic schedule. Since bringing work into the house can blur these lines, I love a little outdoor space that's only used for relaxing. A Little Outside Escape
This post is a part of Pin It Forward created by SFGirlByBay. She partnered with Pinterest to make this blog event even more exciting. Pinterest is an organizational tool for keeping tabs on images you fall in love with on the web. You can see where all of the images I used in the post are from by visiting my For the Home Pinboard. Please note that some of these images are not from my own home. This is a collage of inspiring images that define home for me with a few of my own thrown in.
Make sure to check out eyes of ab tomorrow to keep this blog it forward train chugging along.Pin It


ashleyTIA said...

Everyone needs a little outdoor relaxing place! Love your pin it forward post (& do I spy Domo?? I looove Domo) :)

Junia said...

Really enjoyed getting a little sneak peek into your home and what kinds of fun things mean a lot to you. Your photos are so fun!

sfgirlbybay said...

lovely post, molly! thanks so much for contributing! :)

Unknown said...

awesome pics

Ladytink_534 said...

What a gorgeous home! The bed linens are my favorite.