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Jun 29, 2010

Vivi Dot HQ is Moving!

I am excited to finally be able to share some big news with my Internet friends! Duncan and our two furry friends (Indy and Olive) are moving to Seattle! It's been a long time coming, but now that everyone in our offline life has been properly informed I can finally spill the beans here. Moving to SeattleThis photo is from 2006 when I first took Duncan to visit Seattle.

We've been talking about this move for years as something we'd eventually do, but really started to put a more specific time frame on it around the holidays. There were always 800 'what ifs' and there still are, but we're much closer to making it happen with a hopeful move in date of August 1st. That being said, we don't have a place in Seattle lined up yet so those elusive stars still need to align.

As I'm madly trying to get ahead of the game with non stop POOL Wholesale Trade Show preparation (it's in the middle of August), I'm also chugging away at my day job and trying to plan weekend house hunting trips up north. It's madness and it's only going to get crazier, but I am really excited for where we're headed.

I was born and raised in Seattle and went to the University of Washington so it will always feel like home up there. I've been in San Francisco for eight years now though so it's going to be really tough to leave this home behind (especially our friends). It makes the thought of a wedding even more exciting because it will mean that all of friends from San Francisco and LA (and other corners of the world) will be able to come up and celebrate with us in our new town. Enough wedding talk for now though as I'm only allowing myself to focus on my Fall/Winter line and packing. Oh the packing……
Wish me luck and send a few extra hours a day my way if you can.Pin It


Unknown said...

congrats on the move!! seattle is a fabulous city!!!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh!!! Congrats!!! I love Seattle!!! My Mom grew up in Snow Qualamie. I love visiting <333

Cal said...

Good luck with everything! & OH MY GOSH I'M JEALOUS! haha! I've never been but I know I'd love it up there! Congrats!

Carrie Fagan said...


i found you through my girl thursday artists feature. I love your shop and probably just spent 20 mins reading your blog posts. goodness.

you have a new follower!

word of advice on moving- get boxes for free from Walmart go in the early morning or late at night... they have TONS!

carrie http://theappleseedblog.blogspot.com/

Wendy Hynes said...

Yay! Going home is such a wonderful thing - especially as you're starting a whole new chapter (marriage) in life. All the best to you and the little fam!

katrina said...

this is so exciting!! i've only been a seattle girl for 2 months but I love it out here so much.

happy house hunting! :)

kristin elena. said...

it is my dream to make seattle my home one day. i visited last summer and fell in love! and i'm heading back up next month for a few days. (while visiting my sis in portland.) got any suggestions of place we must see?