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Jun 22, 2010

In the Weeds

I feel so behind! I went up to Seattle this past weekend for the annual Barclay Shelton Dance recital (I grew up taking classes there, taught there for five years, and my Mom is still an instructor there). It was a great trip, but without my usual time on the weekend to sweatshop myself and get Vivi Dot orders done I'm in the weeds! I have been busting my rear trying to finish up wholesale orders and save the date magnet orders all while getting my new designs squared away for the new line I'll release in August. Add that to a full time job and a slew of other big changes (announcements coming soon) and you'll find my excuse for falling behind on my posts here. I will be back soon with my regular Around the House and Decked Out posts as well as some fun new things I've been so excited to share. Custom Save the Date MagnetsPin It

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