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Jun 29, 2010

Vivi Dot HQ is Moving!

I am excited to finally be able to share some big news with my Internet friends! Duncan and our two furry friends (Indy and Olive) are moving to Seattle! It's been a long time coming, but now that everyone in our offline life has been properly informed I can finally spill the beans here. Moving to SeattleThis photo is from 2006 when I first took Duncan to visit Seattle.

We've been talking about this move for years as something we'd eventually do, but really started to put a more specific time frame on it around the holidays. There were always 800 'what ifs' and there still are, but we're much closer to making it happen with a hopeful move in date of August 1st. That being said, we don't have a place in Seattle lined up yet so those elusive stars still need to align.

As I'm madly trying to get ahead of the game with non stop POOL Wholesale Trade Show preparation (it's in the middle of August), I'm also chugging away at my day job and trying to plan weekend house hunting trips up north. It's madness and it's only going to get crazier, but I am really excited for where we're headed.

I was born and raised in Seattle and went to the University of Washington so it will always feel like home up there. I've been in San Francisco for eight years now though so it's going to be really tough to leave this home behind (especially our friends). It makes the thought of a wedding even more exciting because it will mean that all of friends from San Francisco and LA (and other corners of the world) will be able to come up and celebrate with us in our new town. Enough wedding talk for now though as I'm only allowing myself to focus on my Fall/Winter line and packing. Oh the packing……
Wish me luck and send a few extra hours a day my way if you can.Pin It

Jun 25, 2010

Comfy and Casual

I fell in love with this vintage rainbow button up from Oliver and Alexa Vintage so I decided to build a comfortable and casual outfit around it for this week's Decked Out.I paired this easy going shirt with some cropped navy pants from Banana Republic and some awesome Jazz Oxfords from the Alice and Olivia for Payless collection. And since no casual outfit is complete without a dot of color, I added my Vivi Dot Candy Pink Bow Necklace to bring out the pink stripes in the shirt.
If you love this shirt I'd suggest snatching it up soon because I plan to do so if there aren't any other takers. I have my eye on something else in their shop too!Pin It

Jun 22, 2010

In the Weeds

I feel so behind! I went up to Seattle this past weekend for the annual Barclay Shelton Dance recital (I grew up taking classes there, taught there for five years, and my Mom is still an instructor there). It was a great trip, but without my usual time on the weekend to sweatshop myself and get Vivi Dot orders done I'm in the weeds! I have been busting my rear trying to finish up wholesale orders and save the date magnet orders all while getting my new designs squared away for the new line I'll release in August. Add that to a full time job and a slew of other big changes (announcements coming soon) and you'll find my excuse for falling behind on my posts here. I will be back soon with my regular Around the House and Decked Out posts as well as some fun new things I've been so excited to share. Custom Save the Date MagnetsPin It

Jun 11, 2010

A Grand Engagement

Duncan dropped me off at work on a Tuesday morning so he'd have the car to go stock up at Trader Joe's. It was a beautiful day all day and I was bummed that we'd be headed home for a night of running back and forth to the laundromat. I got the call that he had arrived so I headed out to see it had just started to drizzle outside. Indy was in the backseat along with some other unfamiliar stuff that tipped me off that something was up. "Surprise I did the laundry," he exclaimed! Going from thinking we'd be doing laundry all night to having nothing to do is a pretty amazing feeling, but it only got better from there. Next he explained that he had also planned a little picnic for us, but he didn't know what to do now since raindrops had just started to fall. Because I knew this had to be more than just a nice little surprise, I said, 'nah, let's go it's not so bad.' He handed me a green bandanna and said 'put this on.'
At this point I knew what was eventually coming and was really excited, but completely calm. I didn't want to put on a blindfold while I sat in plain view of my boss' window (who knows what that would have looked like) so he let me just shut my eyes. Once we were parked I was allowed to open my eyes to reveal that we were at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. conservatory of flowersWe don't spend a lot of time in this area of the park but, I have repeatedly commented that I don't understand why more movies aren't filmed there because it's so beautiful. We gathered up the the bags, blanket, and Indy and headed over to the perfect bench that was sheltered from the little bit of rain that was falling.view from our benchDuncan had picked up my favorite white wine (Cakebread) and my favorite dinner (Thai Chicken Salad from Park Chow). The area of the park we were in was empty except for a drum circle on the other side of the field, you know, to remind us we were in San Francisco. We ate and drank and before we knew it the sun was shining again. I was talking about how bizarre it was that we each got a fortune cookie at dinner the night before that had a fortunes with very specific time frames that tied in with big things in our lives. His was that nothing would get in the way of his success in the coming month when he'd be starting a new contract job. He said, "Well, piggybacking off of that, I wrote you a letter." I'll keep the specifics of the letter between the two of us, but it was amazingly perfect. He had a hard time getting through it without getting choked up and I cried through it all. At the end he asked me if I'd marry him as he pulled out a cute little silver box.
I, of course, said yes and slipped it on my finger to find it fit just perfectly. The ring was one he bought on Etsy as a place holder so we could shop for the perfect ring together. His favorite color is purple and mine is green so each were represented. I've known for a really long time (we've been together for five years) that we'd get married some day, but man, I didn't know it would feel so exciting! Right after I said yes Duncan said, "Oh no! I forgot!" He reached into his backpack and pulled out a photo he had printed out of our kitty Olive that he had glued onto a chopstick. "I wanted the whole family to be here so I brought Olive too," he said as he stuck it into the ground next to Indy.The Whole FamilyThe first thing I asked him was, "Did you call my mom?" He did! He said that was by far the most nerve wracking part of the whole process. He had called almost a week before to ask for permission to marry me, so I called her after a few photos and kisses knowing she had to be really anxious for my call.Calling MomMy Momma was ecstatic and I could hardly wait to call the rest of my family and friends. We headed home for a champagne toast on our back deck right as the sky was perfectly lit up. cheersLet's recap- Between dropping me off and picking me up form work, Duncan went grocery shopping, did 6+ loads of laundry, picked up my favorite wine, ordered and retrieved dinner, gathered all the necessities (including both our Cannon and Instax cameras) and got dressed up. If this isn't a big sign that I should spend the rest of my life with this guy I don't know what is!Just Engaged!Just Engaged!We had an amazing time picking out the prettiest ring. We looked at quite a few places, but ended up choosing a stunner from the 1920's. I can't recommend Dianne's Estate Jewelry enough. They have a lovely selection and their customer service made us feel like we had been transported back to an earlier time. They even gave us a bottle of champagne when we went to pick up the ring!The RingPin It

Jun 9, 2010

How Do You Wear Your Vivi Dots?

I've had two fantastic Vivi Dot customers send me some photos of themselves sporting their purchases recently and I just can resist sharing them here. First up is Sher who won a gift certificate over at Cali Vintage. She picked out a bunch of rings and some earrings and then did a very pretty post about them on her blog Beneath the Crystal Stars. Sher's Vivi Dot WinningsShe also captured her Delicate Lace Ring in an outfit post she did the next week! I can't wait to see how she incorporates more of her Vivi Dot items into her picture perfect outfits. Sher's OutfitSher's Lace RingNext up is a mini Vivi Dot customer named Amaya. She's the cutest and is obviously reading the Dot Girl Blog as this was captured. Red & White Hair BowsShe couldn't possibly make her Red and White Hair Bow Barrettes look any more adorable!
Please don't hesitate to capture yourself sporting your Vivi Dots and send them my way. I'd love to see!Pin It

Jun 4, 2010

Floral Bliss in Dress Form

Oh my goodness, I'm in LOVE with this dress! I know I've featured Dear Golden Vintage here before and I so badly want to branch out, but I just can't pass this up. Her finds are impeccable and I keep coming back time and time again. Oh, if only I were an extra small! I decided to pick up on a few of the less obvious colors in the dress by pairing this beauty with my Raspberry Ring and Golden Woven Heels via Modcloth.If you have any new ideas about where to find vintage online, or great independent retailers selling clothing or accessories please let me know in the comments! You can also follow me on Twitter which is where I find my features for my Decked Out Friday posts.
We're leaving Olive behind with a house sitter and taking a long weekend to camp. What are you up to? I hope you all have a fabulous weekend- can't wait to catch up next week!Pin It

Jun 3, 2010

What Home Means to Me

When I think of home warm feelings of comfort, familiarity, and retreat first come to mind. It's not only the place I pay rent, but also my Mom's house, my Grandma's house, and neighborhoods I've lived in before. San Francisco is my city now, but Seattle will always be home too. Seattle & San FranciscoI love to fill my home with items that conjure up these same feelings of warmth. An inviting and cozy bed is a must as are unexpected pops of color here an there. I've picked up a lot of crafty items from designers at the shows I participate in. From funky plushies to pretty prints and paintings, filling my house with things I know I won't see everywhere else makes my space feel special.
Comfy Colorful CornersMy line of accessories is created at home so an area where it's okay to make a creative mess is required. Creative MessHome is also about filling up your space with people you love. Cooking a delicious meal and entertaining my friends and family is when my home is at it's best. Let Me Entertain YouLast but not least, home is an escape from the rest of my hectic schedule. Since bringing work into the house can blur these lines, I love a little outdoor space that's only used for relaxing. A Little Outside Escape
This post is a part of Pin It Forward created by SFGirlByBay. She partnered with Pinterest to make this blog event even more exciting. Pinterest is an organizational tool for keeping tabs on images you fall in love with on the web. You can see where all of the images I used in the post are from by visiting my For the Home Pinboard. Please note that some of these images are not from my own home. This is a collage of inspiring images that define home for me with a few of my own thrown in.
Make sure to check out eyes of ab tomorrow to keep this blog it forward train chugging along.Pin It

Jun 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day FlagsDuncan and I took a drive through the San Francisco National Cemetery this weekend which was the perfect way to take a little time out to reflect on what the long weekend was really about. I drive by this cemetery every day on the way to work, but I had never gone inside the gates. The thousands and thousands of tombstones were each marked with an American flag making it quite a breathtaking sight. I hope you all had a great weekend too! Memorial Day CemeteryPin It