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May 6, 2010

Strawberry Lemonade

San Francisco weather is so tricky. One day it's over 70 with clear blue skies and then it's raining the next. No matter how busy I am I always try to get outside when one of the random warm days comes along on the weekend. A few Sunday's ago was one of those days and I was itching to mark the gorgeous day with a yummy summertime treat. I ran down to the produce store around the block and bought a bunch of lemons, strawberries and some soda water and headed back home to make a fizzy alcoholic strawberry lemonade. I made a simple syrup with one cup sugar and one cup water. It keeps pretty well in a mason jar in the fridge so don't worry about having too much. Next I squeezed the lemons into a liquid measuring cup. This makes for one less dish to wash later. Make sure to note how much lemon juice you ended up with before you add the strawberries because you'll want to use about that some amount of simple syrup later on. Next I cut up the strawberries into small pieces and put them through a garlic press. Muddling them would work too, but the garlic press makes the strawberry mush really fine which allows it to be sipped through a straw. Then you add the simple syrup (about an equal amount as the lemon juice) to taste. Fill up your glasses with ice, add a shot of vodka if you so desire, and then fill up the glasses with a few inches to spare. Finish it off with the soda water to give it a fancy fizz and garnish it with a leftover strawberry. It's also really pretty to cut a whole, thin lemon slice (so it's a circle) and put the straw through the middle.There was a big creative project that took over the house that day and for once it wasn't mine. These boys enjoyed their spiked lemonade in between takes. When I think of strawberry lemonade I can't help but think of this fabric.
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1 comment:

Carolina said...

Miam, miam, thanks for sharing this receipe, gonna try it tomorrow (I love strawberries SO MUCH!!!).