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May 20, 2010

Pog Collection

Duncan came across his pog collection from elementary school before we moved into our first apartment together. There was also a huge framed poster in our bathroom that we weren't interested in keeping so we flipped the poster over and glued the pogs onto the back side. We probably get more compliments on this than anything else in our house. From afar it just looks like a colorful collage, but up close you get an instant childhood flash back. There are power rangers, yin yangs, eight balls, skater dudes (aka 'grungers'), and oh so much more. Pin It


Emily said...

Oh my God! What a fun idea! I think I have one pog left from school, but I still remember sitting on the tarmac in the playground with a load of friends trying to snaffle all their pogs. I can't remember what was on them apart from this random orange caveman looking thing.

May have to blog about your picture now and dredge up some childhood memories for my friends :) x

Laura said...

this is awesome. now i need to dig out all my old pogs & slammers.

Ashley Gray said...

I definitely need to do this. I still have all my pogs, but they are just sitting in my game closet. Although I do pull them out to show off every time someone new comes to the house :)

The Purple Punch said...

Yep. The only way to hang on to a collection like this is by pure school yard hustle!

CaL said...

This is seriously amazing! My cousin still has a huge box of pogs! Makes me wanna steal them from him & do this! Also, I still have my huge heavy skull slammer!
I just remember walking home from school & stopping at the comic book store (which they no longer have) & getting out my quarters for some pogs...good times. We grew up in the best time...there's nothing that cool for kids now'a'days. My dad had marbles, we had pogs! ♥