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May 10, 2010

Let there be light!

Product photography is tough! For the last few shop updates I've done I've used natural light for my photos. I was generally happy with them, but some products were especially hard to get just right. I could get them to look okay with some photo editing, but that's tricky because it can end up distorting the colors into something they aren't. Duncan purchased some shop lights for about $100 for a project he worked on last week. Since those are now sitting in our garage he suggested I buy a photo light tent. At only $30 I figured it was worth a shot.light boxWe set up lights on the right, left, and one from behind. It took some maneuvering to get the light even and get rid of the shadows, but we eventually got them just right. Next we messed with the settings on our camera (Nikon D40x) until the white balance looked good.camera settings After that work was done the rest was a breeze. We powered through a ton of photos in very short amount of time, lining them up the same way each time. Editing them is really easy too because once you crop one just right the rest can all be done the exact same way.
Here's a before and after example with the first being in natural light (with those pesky shadows) and the second in the new light tent.before photo
after photoI'll be editing photos and writing descriptions tonight and hope to have a big earrings update later this week. I think I'll even have my first online sale to celebrate!Pin It


DWJ said...

I actually made my own light box, I found instructions online. I like photography and it was a cool way to learn more and take pictures of the stuff that I have but it's cool to get to see what you're doing behind the scenes too!

Junia Isabel said...

I think I just might have to buy me some of those earrings! They're perfect to wear with neutral colors for that pop of color! LOVE them!