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May 11, 2010

Do Not Microwave

Whoops! I missed my Around the House post last week. I took some photos that will last me a few weeks now so I should be more consistent. Today I'll share two to catch up. I decided to stick with the same little corner as last time so you can see what this whole section of the kitchen looks like. One tiny shelf above the owl and succulent I shared first is this collection of lovely little items.Owls and a PolaroidHere you'll find my favorite image from Diana of City Lights Photography. The pretty little ceramic flower was one of a few purchases I made from my booth neighbor Whitney Smith at the SF Renegade Holiday show. She was selling these little individual blooms that I couldn't pass up. I turned two into rings for friends and kept the third one for a spot just like this.
These shelves are all on the side of a bigger shelving unit made for a microwave. Since we don't own a microwave we turned this spot into our high and low tech entertainment center. I bought the Michael Jackson Record Player for Duncan a few birthdays ago on eBay. It came with a microphone so you can even sing along! The party always ends up in the kitchen anyway so it makes sense for us to have this stuff handy.Michael Jackson Record PlayerPin It


C'est La Vie said...

i LOVE your earrings :)

and your blog


Annisa NF said...

Owl is adorable :)