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May 13, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

The diamond was one of the first images I used to create Vivi Dot earrings. My friend Joyce wanted big fat diamond earrings on New Year's Eve so I made her some on demand! Well years and years later I can't believe I haven't posted the matching Faux Diamond Ring in my online shop until now! These suckers are conflict free and come in brilliant white, precious pink and canary yellow.fake diamond ringLast time I was at the POOL Trade Show the owners of Pandora Jewelry who carry my line told me that someone proposed to his girlfriend with a Vivi Dot Diamond Ring that he bought from them! I've always thought this ring would be perfect for people that want to propose, but want to wait and pick out the actual ring together. It was so crazy to hear that it was actually used for that very thing! One of my rings will be a part of their wedding story forever!Pin It


Carolina said...

Wow! The story of the engagement is amazing! You must be soooo proud. I might consider buying your diamond earrings, are they on sale at your shop? Do you ship to Canada?


Chelsea Finn said...

aw! that is amazing! that ring is lovely!

<3c. elizabeth