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May 28, 2010

Matchy Matchy In Mint

Some times it's fun to go a little overboard and match your whole outfit. It's especially hard to resist when it comes to this refreshing minty blue shade! This adorable vintage dress is available in a small/medium over at 1918 Vintage and it's even on sale through Sunday! I paired it with some feminine ruffle socks from American Apparel contrasted with a tougher pair of booties by Gabriella Rocha via Zappos. Sweep your hair back into a loose, low, side bun and add one last touch of mint with a Vivi Dot Pinwheel hair pin. Viola! You're ready for any springtime event!Pin It

May 26, 2010


Duncan's Mom, Liz, graduated from the nursing program at Humbodlt State University a few weekends ago so we headed up to the farm to celebrate. I played drive by photographer.Drive By PhotographerRedwoodsI love snapping photos of old signs, especially motel ones like this.The Lark HotelThey had a tent all ready for us to sleep in. It doesn't get much better than camping minus the tent set up and tear down!tent in the woodsFarm TruckChickensHere's a photo of the lovely Hooper family. Collin (Duncan's brother) on the left, the proud graduate, Jeff (Duncan's dad), and Duncan on the right.The HoopersNow one of me and my Mister.Duncan & MollyWe went out to yummy crepe dinner after the ceremony. Next we stopped by a graduation party at a yoga studio. I knew it was a totally different vibe up in Arcata, but this photo shows what a drastically different world it is. My shoes prove just how much I must have stuck out as the city girl in hippie college town!Out of PlaceOn to the goats! This is Ivan.Ivan the GoatIndy could not wait to get down and say hello.Indy Wants to VisitThe goats were interested in him too.goatsEspecially this guy.Goat KissThen it was Duncan's turn for some love from the goats. They are so personable and affectionate and even know their own names!Goat HugsPin It

May 21, 2010

Capsule Street Fair

The Capsule Street Fair is this coming Sunday (May 23rd) in Hayes Valley from 11am-6pm. I have built up my inventory over the last few months and I'm looking to make some space for my upcoming line. This means the biggest Vivi Dot sale I've ever had. I'm talking buy two get one free and 30% off discounts. I'll be at booth #6 right on the Octavia Green (see a map here). Duncan and I will be there slanging Dots and having drinks with our friends so stop by and say hello! Pin It

May 20, 2010

Pog Collection

Duncan came across his pog collection from elementary school before we moved into our first apartment together. There was also a huge framed poster in our bathroom that we weren't interested in keeping so we flipped the poster over and glued the pogs onto the back side. We probably get more compliments on this than anything else in our house. From afar it just looks like a colorful collage, but up close you get an instant childhood flash back. There are power rangers, yin yangs, eight balls, skater dudes (aka 'grungers'), and oh so much more. Pin It

Custom Fabric Buttons

I feel so behind! I have so many exciting things to share, but I have been so busy doing things that it's been hard to keep up on blogging about them. First up is a fun custom project I finished up a few weeks ago. custom fabric pinsThe GAP wanted something unique to reward their employees for GAP card related promotions. I created a custom fabric with the colorful squares they have on their credit cards and voila, custom fabric buttons. I love how they turned out!custom fabric buttonsFeel free to email me if you'd like a quote for custom products.Pin It

May 14, 2010

Red, White and Vintage Done Right

Decked OutThis week's Decked Out was built around this adorable white mini dress with red details from The Ruby Kitten Vintage. The red leather peep toe shoes are also vintage and are available in the Lisazain Etsy Shop in a size 6.5/7. To finish off the look I added a pair of Delicate Lace Earrings from my shop.
When this is posted I'll be in route to a graduation! Can't wait to come back on Monday and share my adventures.Pin It

May 13, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

The diamond was one of the first images I used to create Vivi Dot earrings. My friend Joyce wanted big fat diamond earrings on New Year's Eve so I made her some on demand! Well years and years later I can't believe I haven't posted the matching Faux Diamond Ring in my online shop until now! These suckers are conflict free and come in brilliant white, precious pink and canary yellow.fake diamond ringLast time I was at the POOL Trade Show the owners of Pandora Jewelry who carry my line told me that someone proposed to his girlfriend with a Vivi Dot Diamond Ring that he bought from them! I've always thought this ring would be perfect for people that want to propose, but want to wait and pick out the actual ring together. It was so crazy to hear that it was actually used for that very thing! One of my rings will be a part of their wedding story forever!Pin It

May 11, 2010

Do Not Microwave

Whoops! I missed my Around the House post last week. I took some photos that will last me a few weeks now so I should be more consistent. Today I'll share two to catch up. I decided to stick with the same little corner as last time so you can see what this whole section of the kitchen looks like. One tiny shelf above the owl and succulent I shared first is this collection of lovely little items.Owls and a PolaroidHere you'll find my favorite image from Diana of City Lights Photography. The pretty little ceramic flower was one of a few purchases I made from my booth neighbor Whitney Smith at the SF Renegade Holiday show. She was selling these little individual blooms that I couldn't pass up. I turned two into rings for friends and kept the third one for a spot just like this.
These shelves are all on the side of a bigger shelving unit made for a microwave. Since we don't own a microwave we turned this spot into our high and low tech entertainment center. I bought the Michael Jackson Record Player for Duncan a few birthdays ago on eBay. It came with a microphone so you can even sing along! The party always ends up in the kitchen anyway so it makes sense for us to have this stuff handy.Michael Jackson Record PlayerPin It

May 10, 2010

Let there be light!

Product photography is tough! For the last few shop updates I've done I've used natural light for my photos. I was generally happy with them, but some products were especially hard to get just right. I could get them to look okay with some photo editing, but that's tricky because it can end up distorting the colors into something they aren't. Duncan purchased some shop lights for about $100 for a project he worked on last week. Since those are now sitting in our garage he suggested I buy a photo light tent. At only $30 I figured it was worth a shot.light boxWe set up lights on the right, left, and one from behind. It took some maneuvering to get the light even and get rid of the shadows, but we eventually got them just right. Next we messed with the settings on our camera (Nikon D40x) until the white balance looked good.camera settings After that work was done the rest was a breeze. We powered through a ton of photos in very short amount of time, lining them up the same way each time. Editing them is really easy too because once you crop one just right the rest can all be done the exact same way.
Here's a before and after example with the first being in natural light (with those pesky shadows) and the second in the new light tent.before photo
after photoI'll be editing photos and writing descriptions tonight and hope to have a big earrings update later this week. I think I'll even have my first online sale to celebrate!Pin It

May 7, 2010

Pretty in Pink for Mom's Day

This week's decked out features pretty pinks and neutrals. The adorable dress is from Modcloth and the vintage shoes can be found in Dear Golden's Etsy Shop. Pull your hair back with some Pink Posies Hair Clips and your look will be complete! This outfit would be perfect a lovely Mother's Day Brunch!Speaking of Mother's day... Wendy of DecoDollop featured the Vivi Dot items she purchased in a sweet post titled Something a Mother Could Love. I adore the photo she took of her Redheaded Coquette Hair Pins on the krinkle kraft paper I package my orders with. I hope you all have a great weekend with your Mothers and Grandmothers. I'll be celebrating my mom Pam and Grandma Dottie long distance. I can't wait to give them a belated hug when I visit Seattle in June!Pin It

May 6, 2010

Strawberry Lemonade

San Francisco weather is so tricky. One day it's over 70 with clear blue skies and then it's raining the next. No matter how busy I am I always try to get outside when one of the random warm days comes along on the weekend. A few Sunday's ago was one of those days and I was itching to mark the gorgeous day with a yummy summertime treat. I ran down to the produce store around the block and bought a bunch of lemons, strawberries and some soda water and headed back home to make a fizzy alcoholic strawberry lemonade. I made a simple syrup with one cup sugar and one cup water. It keeps pretty well in a mason jar in the fridge so don't worry about having too much. Next I squeezed the lemons into a liquid measuring cup. This makes for one less dish to wash later. Make sure to note how much lemon juice you ended up with before you add the strawberries because you'll want to use about that some amount of simple syrup later on. Next I cut up the strawberries into small pieces and put them through a garlic press. Muddling them would work too, but the garlic press makes the strawberry mush really fine which allows it to be sipped through a straw. Then you add the simple syrup (about an equal amount as the lemon juice) to taste. Fill up your glasses with ice, add a shot of vodka if you so desire, and then fill up the glasses with a few inches to spare. Finish it off with the soda water to give it a fancy fizz and garnish it with a leftover strawberry. It's also really pretty to cut a whole, thin lemon slice (so it's a circle) and put the straw through the middle.There was a big creative project that took over the house that day and for once it wasn't mine. These boys enjoyed their spiked lemonade in between takes. When I think of strawberry lemonade I can't help but think of this fabric.
These Wild Strawberry Hair Clips are sweet and tart all at the same time!Pin It

May 4, 2010

Cali & Portland Love

Today has been an exciting day! I'm a sponsor over at Calivintage this month and Erin just posted up my giveaway for a $50 Vivi Dot gift certificate. Erin does daily outfit posts, hosts weekly give aways, shares her blog favorites and much more. Check out her blog and enter for a chance to win!Calivintage
I also just noticed that my Purple Bike Lane Hair Clips were featured on the PDX Neat Sheet - What’s blooming in Portland shops this May. I have Say Say Boutique to thank for this which is where the hair clips were spotted for sale. PDX Neat SheetClick on either image for their source.Pin It