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Mar 2, 2010

Vivi Dot in Your Town

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been really busy filling wholesale orders. I sent off two more today and plan to send out another two tomorrow. I'm excited that slowly but surely Vivi Dot is reaching many parts of the US and beyond! You can always check out my Stores and Events page for an up to date list, but I've also included all of the current information below.

Vivi Dot Online Store  |  Shipping anywhere in the world!  
Alice and Isa  |  An online boutique showcasing independent designers from San Francisco
Etsy  |  Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.

Jack's Alley  |  Ketchikan, AK
Say Say  |  Portland, OR
Three French Hens  |  Bellingham, WA


Goldmine Vintage  |  Boulder, CO
Here on the Corner
  |  Tempe, AZ
Needles & Pens  |  San Francisco, CA
Pandora Jewelry  |  Denver, CO
RAG Co-OP  |  San Francisco, CA
Therapy (coming soon)  |  California- Burlingame, Campbell, Mountain View, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo
The Fool on the Hill  |  Jerome, AZ

Mad Eagle  |  East Lansing, MI
R.S.V.P  |  Iowa City, IA
Vintique  |  Neenah, WI

Salt and Pepper  |  West Montro, LA

Citrine  |  West Tisbury, MA
Hazel  |  Chicago, IL
On Center (coming soon)  |  Jamaica Plain, MA
The Artisan Gallery  |  Northampton, MA


Cyroline (coming soon)  |  Germany - Berlin (three stores), Lubeck, Cologne, Hamburg, Kiel, Flensburg and Bielefeld
Original  |  Canada - Toronto
Ruta Urbana  |  Costa Rica - San Pedro and Escazu

Want to be added to this list? Vivi Dot now offers wholesale accounts to stores all across the world. Please click here to submit your store information and learn more.Pin It

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