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Mar 29, 2010

Summer Time!

This Saturday was all about Summer! My good friend Summer that is. It was her birthday and Ms. Mother Nature decided to treat us with the prettiest day 2010! I got up and whipped up my new favorite treat- chocolate cupcakes with espresso butter cream frosting. Yum! Here they are right before I pulled them outta the oven:
And here are some pretty close ups Duncan took:

Then we headed down to Crissy Field where Summer and her husband Ryan had been since 9:45 in order to grab a prime spot. Indy, the cool guy was there:
And here are Allie (on the left) and Summer the birthday girl(on the right). You may recognize these two from previous posts as they are regular Vivi Dot helpers.
We also made a new friend!
And now in typical San Francisco fashion the pretty days have come to an abrupt end and we were all greeted with rain this morning. Luckily I've got the new Deadly Syndrome album Nolens Volens to keep me going on this dreary Monday. If you haven't checked out their music yet I strongly suggest you do! You can get their debut single "Wingwalker" for free on their website www.thedeadlysyndrome.com, but I suggest going for the full album on iTunes or eMusic! Duncan went to school with two of the band members, but I'd love them and spread the word even if he hadn't!Pin It


Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!! <3 Michelle

Anonymous said...

oooo lala. those cupcakes look fantastic!!!