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Mar 26, 2010

New Product Highlight - Necklaces

My new Vivi Dot necklaces have arrived!Vivi Dot NecklacesIt's been a long time coming so I'm so happy to finally have these babies in my online shop. I've envisioned these guys for quite some time, but had a problem finding something to connect the two button pieces together in a sturdy and appealing way. I was introduced to Ponoko a while back and voila, my problem was solved. Duncan instantly became the head of my product development team and started engineering a piece to fit the buttons together perfectly and have a way to connect the chain. We did one test run to make sure they'd fit just right then ordered the winner in various acrylic colors. The pieces arrive like this:
ponoko deliveryWe also made a new backing for my flower brooches which you can see in this photo as well (the bamboo circle with 'Vivi Dot' engraved).
ponoko piecesEverything is a little stinky when it arrives so we let all of the pieces air out:
ponoko dryingWithout the buttons I think they look like little bikini tops!
ponoko piecesDuncan and I have plans for lot of other new stuff utilizing the massive potential Ponoko provides. There's really no limit to what we can create now. Can't find what your looking for? Just make it yourself!

I should also note that all of the fabrics used for these necklaces were designed by Duncan and me. I think this makes them that much more special and unique so you won't find these suckers anywhere else!Pin It

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