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Mar 29, 2010

Summer Time!

This Saturday was all about Summer! My good friend Summer that is. It was her birthday and Ms. Mother Nature decided to treat us with the prettiest day 2010! I got up and whipped up my new favorite treat- chocolate cupcakes with espresso butter cream frosting. Yum! Here they are right before I pulled them outta the oven:
And here are some pretty close ups Duncan took:

Then we headed down to Crissy Field where Summer and her husband Ryan had been since 9:45 in order to grab a prime spot. Indy, the cool guy was there:
And here are Allie (on the left) and Summer the birthday girl(on the right). You may recognize these two from previous posts as they are regular Vivi Dot helpers.
We also made a new friend!
And now in typical San Francisco fashion the pretty days have come to an abrupt end and we were all greeted with rain this morning. Luckily I've got the new Deadly Syndrome album Nolens Volens to keep me going on this dreary Monday. If you haven't checked out their music yet I strongly suggest you do! You can get their debut single "Wingwalker" for free on their website www.thedeadlysyndrome.com, but I suggest going for the full album on iTunes or eMusic! Duncan went to school with two of the band members, but I'd love them and spread the word even if he hadn't!Pin It

Mar 26, 2010

New Product Highlight - Necklaces

My new Vivi Dot necklaces have arrived!Vivi Dot NecklacesIt's been a long time coming so I'm so happy to finally have these babies in my online shop. I've envisioned these guys for quite some time, but had a problem finding something to connect the two button pieces together in a sturdy and appealing way. I was introduced to Ponoko a while back and voila, my problem was solved. Duncan instantly became the head of my product development team and started engineering a piece to fit the buttons together perfectly and have a way to connect the chain. We did one test run to make sure they'd fit just right then ordered the winner in various acrylic colors. The pieces arrive like this:
ponoko deliveryWe also made a new backing for my flower brooches which you can see in this photo as well (the bamboo circle with 'Vivi Dot' engraved).
ponoko piecesEverything is a little stinky when it arrives so we let all of the pieces air out:
ponoko dryingWithout the buttons I think they look like little bikini tops!
ponoko piecesDuncan and I have plans for lot of other new stuff utilizing the massive potential Ponoko provides. There's really no limit to what we can create now. Can't find what your looking for? Just make it yourself!

I should also note that all of the fabrics used for these necklaces were designed by Duncan and me. I think this makes them that much more special and unique so you won't find these suckers anywhere else!Pin It

Mar 22, 2010

Outta the House

Spring has arrived in San Francisco! Since we tend to have quite varied weather from one day to the next we tried to take advantage of spring sunshine over the weekend knowing it likely won't last long.
Duncan and I took Indy for lots of long walks. One in Golden Gate Park where the cherry blossoms were blooming:cherry blossomsWe flew a kite:fly a kiteWe also took a trip to Fort Funston with our friend Randy where Indy was able to run around with the dozens of other doggies. He also tried to rock climb, but didn't get too far. Fort FunstonFort Funston
I also finished up two more wholesale orders so Say Say Boutique in Portland will have more hair accessories later this week and Therapy (with six stores in California) will have a big delivery of Vivi Dot rings and money clips. I also sent off my first international set of save the date magnets to a lovely bride to be in England! Hope you all had a great, sunshine filled weekend too!Pin It

Mar 19, 2010

Art Journal

I participated in Vivianna's Quiet Nights Art Journal Class that just happens to be ending today. I wasn't the greatest student because I wasn't able to make much time for my journal. Last weekend I finally took a little break from the Vivi Dot grind and hauled out my art supplies. It had been such a long time since I did something creative that wasn't related to Vivi Dot and it was wonderful. I am going to make a point of doing things like this a lot more often! I must step away from the fabric, the buttons, the gluing, etc and take some me time. It gets my creative juices flowing after all which only benefits my business in the end.
I have a good number of empty journals made with old book covers that I picked up at the Renegade Craft Fair (they were giving them away at the end of the show). This Norman Rockwell book was a great size and the cover was pretty beat up so I didn't feel as badly covering it up. There are a good number of the original pages from the book inserted in between the blank pages as well so there's still a nod to the book throughout my journal.

I pulled out my Xyron Sticker Maker which made this project so easy! No gluing at all, I just passed all of my papers through the sticker maker and slapped them into place. Here's a photo of what it looks like right after I've pushed it through the handy machine.
Next I started layering on my big paper pieces with sticker backing.
I covered the seams of the brown and blue paper with my newly purchased washi masking tape from Happy Tape. After that I used a Martha Stewart craft punch with tiny little scalloped edges and punched out a bunch of neutral patterns from a Paper Source catalog. I ran those through the sticker maker as well and made a collage at the top of the cover. Here's the finished product: Next up was the inside cover. I ripped up some large pieces of pretty salvaged wrapping paper and layered that over the striped paper.For the next page I layered a bunch of ripped Happy Tape pieces to create a tree trunk, branches, leaves and little pink blooms. I also cut out one of the birds from the same paper to tie this page in with the inside cover. He sits perched at the bottom of the tree. This last page is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share it anyway. I fell in love with this chair from Crate and Barrel so I decided to build a room around it. Home is a place and a concept I love so I plan to add some text to this one to articulate that.I received an amazing delivery of prints from Diana of Our City Lights this week that have me itching to journal some more. Make sure to check her Etsy shop so you can see why I'm so inspired by them. That's all for now.
Oh! One more thing... The little birdie on my first journal page told me that Vivianna will be having another class soon so make sure to check her site often for more info!Pin It

Mar 17, 2010

Mega ViviDot Store Update!

I was finally able to publish over 75 new items to my online shop today! It's been a long time coming with many late nights after work photo editing, uploading, describing and coding. It feels so good to finally have these items from my Spring/Summer 2010 line up and ready to sell! I'll have some product highlights and discount opportunities in the next few days, but check out these two posts to tide you over in the meantime...
Vivianna posted some of her favorite items from my shop today. She also shares a coupon code for 15% off your entire order so make sure to hop over to the Polka Dot Robot Blog and check it out.
Kami is a good friend and the lovely lady behind the feather illustration on one of the new Vivi Dot fabric prints. She did a post about the items featuring her illustration over at her blog Kamma Claire as well.
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Mar 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Duncan!

I was under the weather earlier this week on Duncan's actual birthday (the 8th) so we're celebrating tonight. We have a hot date at a fancy restaurant and I can't wait. Duncan, so sorry this birthday shout out comes a bit late, but here's an overdue blog post just for you!
From Molly...
Happy Birthday My Love!
Each day you grow older you can count on me loving you more. I love you with my all my heart and soul and can't imagine my life without you.
Whenever I try to write you a love note I end up writing a thank you note instead because I'm so very thankful for the person you are. Your generosity, devotion and love for others inspires me every day.
I love you! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being exactly who you are.

From Olive....
Hello Father. Thank you for holding me up to look out the window when it's rainy and I can't go outside. Thanks for buying me my favorite catnip banana. And finally thank you for realizing that no matter what you're trying to work on, me sitting on your lap is the most important thing. You are an excellent coworker and for that I wish you a very happy birthday. Now go clean my litter!
From Indy...
Hey Daddy! Happy birthday! It's my birthday too! You're the best Dad ever cause you feed me fish pills every day to make my hips better. You walk me to see the buffalo in the park even when it's raining out and take me skateboarding with the boys. I love you even more than pizza!

And now a Duncan montage:

Post Script (from bad tv)...
You complete me: Insert the tool academy guy's dopey sad face... oh yes, this one:
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Mar 5, 2010

Don't be Late for Tea!

I am so excited to see Alice and Wonderland in 3D tomorrow! I haven't seen any of the new 3D movies that have come out over the last few years so it's bound to be especially special. The 2D billboards around the city seem to pop out at me as I drive by so I can only imagine how incredible it will be with the additional dimension.

Alice in Wonderland items are popping up everywhere you look. It's nearly impossible to read a blog or visit a shop without something inspired by this new movie or its many other versions. From the 'Tea Party' to the 'Mad for Polka Dots' prints and right along to the playing cards that many of my items come attached to, the movie seems to have even (unintentionally) taken over my very own store!

If you need something to tide you over until you can see the movie I suggest checking out the Disney Website which is where I pulled the character images for the first collage in this post. I can already tell that little mouse is gonna be my favorite!
See a Vivi Dot item above that you can't find in my online shop? Watch out for a big springtime shop update on Monday!Pin It

Mar 2, 2010

Vivi Dot in Your Town

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been really busy filling wholesale orders. I sent off two more today and plan to send out another two tomorrow. I'm excited that slowly but surely Vivi Dot is reaching many parts of the US and beyond! You can always check out my Stores and Events page for an up to date list, but I've also included all of the current information below.

Vivi Dot Online Store  |  Shipping anywhere in the world!  
Alice and Isa  |  An online boutique showcasing independent designers from San Francisco
Etsy  |  Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.

Jack's Alley  |  Ketchikan, AK
Say Say  |  Portland, OR
Three French Hens  |  Bellingham, WA


Goldmine Vintage  |  Boulder, CO
Here on the Corner
  |  Tempe, AZ
Needles & Pens  |  San Francisco, CA
Pandora Jewelry  |  Denver, CO
RAG Co-OP  |  San Francisco, CA
Therapy (coming soon)  |  California- Burlingame, Campbell, Mountain View, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo
The Fool on the Hill  |  Jerome, AZ

Mad Eagle  |  East Lansing, MI
R.S.V.P  |  Iowa City, IA
Vintique  |  Neenah, WI

Salt and Pepper  |  West Montro, LA

Citrine  |  West Tisbury, MA
Hazel  |  Chicago, IL
On Center (coming soon)  |  Jamaica Plain, MA
The Artisan Gallery  |  Northampton, MA


Cyroline (coming soon)  |  Germany - Berlin (three stores), Lubeck, Cologne, Hamburg, Kiel, Flensburg and Bielefeld
Original  |  Canada - Toronto
Ruta Urbana  |  Costa Rica - San Pedro and Escazu

Want to be added to this list? Vivi Dot now offers wholesale accounts to stores all across the world. Please click here to submit your store information and learn more.Pin It

Mar 1, 2010

NEET Shop Update

I was a busy bee this past weekend. I worked on filling wholesale orders on Saturday and Sunday and also completed a big photo shoot for my springtime shop update. I'll be rolling that out over the next week, but decided to do a mini shop update today to coincide with my items in the March issue of N.E.E.T. magazine. If you aren't a N.E.E.T. reader you should be! They do an excellent job highlighting independent designers, vintage shops, and unique DIY projects. The fashion spreads they include seem to impress me more and more each issue too. Oh and did I mention it's free online? Doesn't get much better than that! The new items included in the update today are a Delicate Lace Watch Necklace, Purple Bike Lane Hair Clips, an Aztec Flower Brooch, Tea Party Hair Pins, a Springtime Stripes Flower Brooch, and Candy Pink Hair Bows!

Duncan and I also attended a going away party for our good friend Ciccio who's moving down to Ventura for a more surf friendly environment. We'll miss you Ciccio! See you soon. Pin It