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Feb 3, 2010

Winter Crush Shop Update from Polka Dot Robot

I'm a sucker for both robots and polka dots so it's no surprise to me that I was instantly drawn to Polka Dot Robot! PDR is a San Francisco collective of sorts with four contributing members who make their amazing knit and crocheted accessories, monster hoodies, and other crafty items. I had the pleasure of meeting Vivianna who runs their blog and twitter account and Erin who keeps all their business affairs in order over coffee last week. It was a ton of fun to take our online friendship off line to talk about what's next for Polka Dot Robot and Vivi Dot and help each other out with the many questions that come up while running your own small business. I came out of our coffee date inspired to make this here blog a more integral part of my business. I'm excited to really dive in and make a blog schedule to keep me on track. I also plan to get in the habit of getting my posts ready over the weekend to avoid being too busy to post mid week. I am still thinking through what my initial blog schedule will look like, but it's in the works as is a total blog makeover this spring. So enough about me, me, me! On to the robots! PDR had a big Winter Crush shop update today with a lot of fun new items you really must check out. I adore this Key to My Heart Key Chain. For only $12 it's a great way to spread the handmade love to your friends and loved ones (or yourself).This Smitten Mittens Knitting Pattern makes me wish I had the time and skills to crank these bad boys out. They are so cute and a steal at only $5 for the pattern! So don't delay! Hop on over to PolkaDotRobot.com to see all the cute items they have in stock and don't forget to bookmark their blog too!

Both PDR product photos are courtesy of the Polka Dot Robot shop.Pin It


Diana said...

i love their stuff !!

vivianna said...

I really love this post! We have some gifts for you, but i am not going to give them to you tonight. I want another coffee date ;) and I will hold all gifts hostage until then. thank you for the post