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Feb 1, 2010

It's all happening!

The nervous excitement is building as I rapidly near another round of wholesale madness at the Pool Trade Show! I leave in 13 days for Las Vegas and just typing that out made my heart race a little bit faster. I do feel much better about my sophomore trip as I know, in general, what to expect. I'm always trying to prepare myself for the unexpected though so my mind is still racing with all the what ifs.

Duncan and I have been working on the Spring/Summer 2010 fabric prints for what feels like forever, but is actually a lot of hours within a little over a month's time span. I finally got the images of the fabrics all rounded up this weekend so it's very exciting to finally see them all together on my updated pattern swatches document!

You'll notice there are some solid prints which are mainly for my Mad Men inspired earrings. I'm also very excited to have the lace overlay finally figured out. I've been trying to make lace work on my buttons since I started making earring waaaay back when. Now I've finally figured out how to execute them without little threads poking out of the sides on every other one. My friend Kami drew the amazing feather image for me which is another favorite. I'm also Mad for Polka Dots so that print is also at the top of my list.

I still have some color correcting to do to get them to look as close to the in person prints as possible, but I'm too excited to wait and want to share now. I'd love to hear what you think so please don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know your favorite prints! You can click the image below to see it larger. Thanks for looking!
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vivianna said...

I bet you can guess what fabric i love! ;)

Molly said...

My money's on the purple bikes.

Amy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I got a watch necklace of yours for christmas and I LOVE your work :) Good luck in Las Vegas!

vivianna said...

ha! you got it! purple and bikes is my love affair ;)