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Dec 9, 2009

My list for Santa

I've fallen in love with a lot of my fellow crafter's goodies lately. It's so hard not to buy buy buy for myself, but it's the time of year to give so I've been good. I'm hoping that sharing my absolute favorites will help quench my thirst and possibly even give some of my loved ones very specific ideas if they don't know what to get me.

First up is an Acorn Necklace from Neawear. I bookmarked it months ago and keep coming back to it over and over again.Next is a pretty wintery print by Marisol Spoon. After seeing the Fantastic Mr. Fox I can't get enough of these cussing adorable little guys.I will definitely be spending some money at the Whitney Smith Pottery booth (she'll be my neighbor at the Renegade show in a few weeks). The Tree Stump Candle Holder below is one of her newest items, but I'd love one of her amazing Scalloped Cake Stands too.I would also love to feel like a winter princess wearing the amazing Twiggy Wire Vine Crown by Whichgoose.
Next up is a gorgeous hand woven bead in granny smith green by TBQ Designs. It's vibrant, versatile and my favorite color!
All of Skunkboy Creature's little creations make my heart melt, but the Polka Dot Penguin Ornament is definitely my favorite. There aren't currently any her Etsy Shop, but I hear there may be an update this week. If I'm lucky enough to catch one of these guys I'm going to have break my no gifts for me rule and snatch one up.
The last item is something I purchased a little over a month ago. I wear it constantly so I had to share my find and talk it up. The Happy Hour Bow Beret by Polka Dot Robot is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and turns around a not so great hair day in a flash.

So there's my list Santa. You know I've been good!

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Vivianna said...

yay! we should hangout...we do live in the same city

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