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Nov 17, 2009

Tom Cat

I lost a member of my extended furry family this past Sunday. Tom was one tough yet cuddly kitty that will be sorely missed.
When I first met Tom I was kind of terrified of him. He was a tough cat with big bobcat paws and a thick, bushy raccoon tail. He didn't take any crap from any living creature and tended to do his own thing. It didn't take long for my fear to melt away and realize that behind his tough demeanor he was cuddly little kitten looking for a good neck scratch. Duncan and I moved into Tom's house for a while and I'm so glad we did. He and Indy were unlikely buddies and he taught Olive how to be a cat (she had previously assumed she was a dog like Indy). When Olive decided to take over and be in charge of the house he let her do her thing without much of a fight. He had seen a lot of kids and animals come and go throughout the years so he was used to going with the flow.
Tom loved lying in the warm sun, full moons, drinking water out of your water glass, and being pet anywhere but his belly or sore old hips. He was very well loved by his family and all the lady cats in the neighborhood. Tom lived a long life and died nobly of old age. I'll miss you lots Tom, even your late night meows/howls when your parents were away.

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Nikaperucita said...

Oh...sorry :(
Tom was a pretty sweet cat.

Pragya said...

My sincere condolences to you.