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Jul 8, 2009

Prague Log

So waaay back in April I went on a fabulous holiday with some of my girlfriends from college. We made a quick stop in London and then ventured off to Prague for a week of sightseeing, eating and drinking. As per usual, I had high hopes about how I could share our adventures here on the Dot Girl Blog, but then failed to make time to execute my lofty ambitions. So instead of carrying the guilt of a missed opportunity around with me I've decided to share tidbits of our excursions as I find time to do so.
I'll start off by sharing some photos I captured of my friends sporting their Vivi Dot gear. This is Andrea sporting a bright green Chrysanthemum Vivi Dot Flower Brooch. She's partaking in one of our favorite finds from the trip, Potato Soup. This delicious soup was on just about every menu, until we were seeking it out on our last night. After seeing it and having it nearly each place we ate, we spent over an hour hunting it down for our last meal in town. And here's lovely Stacey wearing two Private School Plaid hair clips on our walking tour up to the Prague Castle.Okay, so there's not Vivi Dot item in this shot, but I can't post about Pruage and leave out the pivo! And finally here's a pic of my Traveling Gnome Earring posing by the candlelight at one of our scrumptious and wine fueled dinners. You can see some more pics from our trip on the Vivi Dot Flickr Page.Pin It