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May 28, 2009

Remember Me?!?

It's been too long! The guilt of not finding the time to post has become quite unbearable and I'm happy to finally clear my conscious. My blog post to do list is long, but I'd like to start by pointing out two lovely new players in the game of Spot the Dot!
Alisha received a free gift with her recent Vivi Dot order because she said the magic words, 'I'm playing Spot the Dot' at check out! See how easy that is to start off the game with ten Vivi Points? She's also following Vivi Dot on Twitter so that earns her another two.Next up is Sandra Sandrus. She's been busy finding blog posts about Vivi Dot (two Vivi Points each) and also follows us on Twitter (+2). I've decided to throw in another two Vivi points for her Spot the Dot tweet as well! Check out her new blog Barbeint.blogg.no for some poetry. Don't speak Norweigen? Google Translate works well for me.
Thanks for playing ladies! Keep it up and you'll earn your free gift in no time.Pin It