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Mar 24, 2009

Spot the Dot Free Gift!

Ina of Myldretid.wordpress.com just received the Spot the Dot gift pack she earned by surpassing 30 points in the game! As the first person to reach this point value I thought she deserved an extra special prize package filled with Vivi Dot items chosen especially for her. I even included a pair of Purple Tiny Bow Hair Clips that aren't even available in the Vivi Dot Store yet! Other items included a ring, a 4-pack of buttons (check out the coming soon prints there too) and some Spot the Dot stickers. I'm very excited to give Ina (and you) a sneak peek at the new custom made Vivi Dot fabrics I designed myself (with Duncan's photoshop help). These and many other fun new prints will be popping up in the ViviDotStore quite soon.It's really quite simple to earn 30 points, so check out the rules of the Spot the Dot game here and join in on the fun today! You too could have a fun, free delivery of Vivi Dot items chosen specifically for you!

Images are all courtesy of Ina's blog, Myldretid.wordpress.com. Make sure to check out her post about her Spot the Dot prize pack to see more of her delightful photos!.Pin It

1 comment:

Blue B. said...

My pics are definitely not as pretty as those are (I'm almost embarassed, actually), but here's the post I made a while back when I received my package : http://shono-hime.livejournal.com/144095.html#cutid2 (in french, sorry ^^)