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Mar 24, 2009

Spot the Dot Free Gift!

Ina of Myldretid.wordpress.com just received the Spot the Dot gift pack she earned by surpassing 30 points in the game! As the first person to reach this point value I thought she deserved an extra special prize package filled with Vivi Dot items chosen especially for her. I even included a pair of Purple Tiny Bow Hair Clips that aren't even available in the Vivi Dot Store yet! Other items included a ring, a 4-pack of buttons (check out the coming soon prints there too) and some Spot the Dot stickers. I'm very excited to give Ina (and you) a sneak peek at the new custom made Vivi Dot fabrics I designed myself (with Duncan's photoshop help). These and many other fun new prints will be popping up in the ViviDotStore quite soon.It's really quite simple to earn 30 points, so check out the rules of the Spot the Dot game here and join in on the fun today! You too could have a fun, free delivery of Vivi Dot items chosen specifically for you!

Images are all courtesy of Ina's blog, Myldretid.wordpress.com. Make sure to check out her post about her Spot the Dot prize pack to see more of her delightful photos!.Pin It

Another Chance to Win Free Vivi Dot!

CollegeCandy.com is hosting a Vivi Dot giveaway to honor the official kick off of spring! All you have to do to enter is comment on their post about which Vivi Dot item you like the best (comment there not here). If you're the lucky winner you'll receive a Vivi Dot gift pack including the favorite item you've selected! You have until 2pm Pacific time on 3/31 to comment so go here now and be entered to win!Pin It

Mar 16, 2009


Sifra is the lovely lady from The Netherlands behind the blog Loveology. She just included Vivi Dot in her most recent post, earning her some Vivi-points in the game of Spot the Dot! Make sure to bookmark her blog for moving photographs, excellent etsy finds and other highlights of simply stunning things.

I'm honored to be in the company of two talented artists Camilla Engman and Yumi Yumi who are featured in the same post. Make sure to check out their lovely shops and blogs as well!
Yumi Yumi's Blog and shop
Camilla Engman's Blog and shopPin It

Mar 5, 2009

She's on a Roll!

Ina of myldretid.wordpress.com has earned 34 Vivi-points pushing her into free gift teritory! I'll be putting together a little something for her this weekend that will definitely include some items I'm very excited about that aren't even for sale yet! I've started using my very own custom Vivi Dot fabric so she will get a sneak peek at some of the items.

As for Spot The Dot updates, don't forget to leave a comment about what actions you've completed so I can be sure to tally your Vivi-Points correctly. Don't have any Vivi Dot gear to photograph? There are plenty of ways to earn Vivi-Points without having to make a purchase. Check out the Spot The Dot- How To Play post for more details. You can also email me at SpotTheDot {at} DotGirlBlog.com with questions, ideas or anything else related to the game.

Now I'll leave you with another great photo that helped earn Ina her free gift!
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Mar 3, 2009

The first Vivi-Points Rewarded

I'm excited that this lovely picture from myldretid.wordpress.com earns the first 10 Vivi-Points! Congrats to you. Just 20 more and a free gift will be coming your way.
This lovely lady is a 22-year-old literature student who lives and works in Copenhagen. I absolutely adore her style and LOVE that Vivi Dot fits into her girly and eclectic wardrobe! I'm also extremely jealous of her ability to knit the cutest hats.

May I suggest Google Translate for those (like me) who can't read this one on your own.Pin It

Mar 2, 2009

Spot the Dot - How to Play

Let's play a game! The name of the game is 'Spot the Dot' and anyone can play. Think of it as a Vivi Dot scavenger hunt that takes place both online and off! You can easily earn earn vivi-points for spotting Vivi Dot products in person or online, posting photos of yourself wearing or using your Vivi Dot purchases, etc. Top point earners will win free Vivi Dot merchandise and everyone who earns 30 points gets a free gift!

More vivi-point opportunities will be created as we play so please share any ideas you have in the comments section.

Here are some of the easy ways you can earn vivi-points:
1) Post a photo of yourself wearing your Vivi Dot products on your blog, msypace page, etc. Post the link in the comments section of any Dot Girl Blog post and earn 10 vivi-points. I'll post your photos here and link back to your blog post too.

2) Spot someone wearing Vivi Dot products or stop by a show or store where you'll find Vivi Dot items for sale. Post a comment here with the details of your Vivi Dot encounter (where, when, who, what item, etc). Earn 2 vivi-points for posting your details and 10 bonus points if you get a photo (with permission from the subject of course). If you don't have a photo I have to take your word on this one so please play fair, be specific and no cheating.

3) Find Vivi Dot in the news or blogosphere and earn vivi-points. Get 2 vivi-points for posting a comment on the article or blog post (if it's possible) and then post a comment here about what you found. Get 5 extra vivi-points if it's something I didn't already know about.

4) Make a Vivi Dot purchase. If you make a purchase from the Vivi Dot Online Store make sure to say "I'm playing Spot the Dot" in the comments box at check out to earn 10 vivi-points AND get a free gift with that order.

5) Post about the Spot the Dot scavenger hunt on your blog or website and earn 10 vivi-points. Tell me about your post in the comments section.

6) Post the 'I'm playing Spot the Dot' logo in your blog sidebar (link it to http://www.dotgirlblog.com) and earn 10 vivi-points.

7) Stay in the know- Earn 2 vivi-points for each of the following:
Follow Vivi Dot onTwitter
Join the Vivi Dot Mailing List
Become Vivi Dot's friend on Myspace
Become a Fan of Vivi Dot on Facebook

8) Limited time vivi-point opportunity (Must be completed by March 22nd). Register at Paper N Stitch and leave a comment on the Vivi Dot item you like best. Make sure to click on the heart icon on my profile page as well to cast a vote for Vivi Dot. Let me know which product you made a comment on and earn 10 points.

Please make sure to use the same email address/user name each time you comment, purchase and email so I can tally your points correctly. Feel free to comment or email me with any questions you have (info (at) vividotonline.com). Happy hunting!

UPDATE: Please make sure to post exactly what items you've completed in the comments section as well as where I can confirm each action.Pin It