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Dec 30, 2009

Happy New Year from Vivi Dot!

Thanks so much for making 2009 a big success! I look forward to a lot of new and exciting projects in 2010.Pin It

Dec 17, 2009

Press Round Up

Vivi Dot has gotten some great press mentions recently so I figure it's time to round them all up! First up is the one I'm the most excited about. Time Out New York included a Vivi Dot Watch Necklace in their collection of multi-use jewelry. They requested a sample a while back, but I didn't want to get my hopes up until I saw the article with my own two eyes. I was tipped off by an order for two watch necklaces that had their URL as the referring link. The feature was up! I was even more ecstatic when I saw who else was included. I was on the same list as products by Hayden-Harnett, Fred Flare, Micheal Kors and Mod Cloth! There are also a lot of watch necklaces out there these days so the fact that mine was the only one the list made it extra special.
My Squirrel Watch Necklace also got some love in this 7x7 Glam Watch Post that rounded up a bunch of Cyber Monday deals.
I placed an ad in N.E.E.T. Magazine's 17th Issue and am so excited to be in such an amazing online publication. If you aren't already a subscriber to this amazing online mag (it's FREE) make sure to sign up now! They also posted my discount code on their blog! They really have a knack for making everything look so pretty.
Last up was a feature on Design Mom's Gift Guide to Darling Things. Gabrielle Blair (the Design Mom) is a mother of five, an art director, co-founder of Kirtsy, and is even in Martha Stewart's Blog Circle. It's a HUGE honor for Vivi Dot to be considered darling by such an accomplished woman with amazing taste and a very impressive resume!
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Dec 9, 2009

My list for Santa

I've fallen in love with a lot of my fellow crafter's goodies lately. It's so hard not to buy buy buy for myself, but it's the time of year to give so I've been good. I'm hoping that sharing my absolute favorites will help quench my thirst and possibly even give some of my loved ones very specific ideas if they don't know what to get me.

First up is an Acorn Necklace from Neawear. I bookmarked it months ago and keep coming back to it over and over again.Next is a pretty wintery print by Marisol Spoon. After seeing the Fantastic Mr. Fox I can't get enough of these cussing adorable little guys.I will definitely be spending some money at the Whitney Smith Pottery booth (she'll be my neighbor at the Renegade show in a few weeks). The Tree Stump Candle Holder below is one of her newest items, but I'd love one of her amazing Scalloped Cake Stands too.I would also love to feel like a winter princess wearing the amazing Twiggy Wire Vine Crown by Whichgoose.
Next up is a gorgeous hand woven bead in granny smith green by TBQ Designs. It's vibrant, versatile and my favorite color!
All of Skunkboy Creature's little creations make my heart melt, but the Polka Dot Penguin Ornament is definitely my favorite. There aren't currently any her Etsy Shop, but I hear there may be an update this week. If I'm lucky enough to catch one of these guys I'm going to have break my no gifts for me rule and snatch one up.
The last item is something I purchased a little over a month ago. I wear it constantly so I had to share my find and talk it up. The Happy Hour Bow Beret by Polka Dot Robot is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and turns around a not so great hair day in a flash.

So there's my list Santa. You know I've been good!

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Nov 24, 2009

Design Crush- Win Free Vivi Dot

Hop on over to Design Crush for a chance to win a whole slew of Vivi Dot items! It's really easy to enter the contest. Simply list your favorite Thanksgiving dish and email address in the comments on the 'Win It: Vivi Dot' post and you'll be entered to win. Kelly's blog is always updated with beautiful images, design inspiration, mouthwatering recipes and a much more so make sure to bookmark it and check back often.
Here's where you can find out more about the items included in the big prize:
* Red and White Chrysanthemum Watch Necklace
* Holly Jolly Button Gift Pack
* White Hair Bows on Purple
* Gnome Ring
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Nov 17, 2009

Tom Cat

I lost a member of my extended furry family this past Sunday. Tom was one tough yet cuddly kitty that will be sorely missed.
When I first met Tom I was kind of terrified of him. He was a tough cat with big bobcat paws and a thick, bushy raccoon tail. He didn't take any crap from any living creature and tended to do his own thing. It didn't take long for my fear to melt away and realize that behind his tough demeanor he was cuddly little kitten looking for a good neck scratch. Duncan and I moved into Tom's house for a while and I'm so glad we did. He and Indy were unlikely buddies and he taught Olive how to be a cat (she had previously assumed she was a dog like Indy). When Olive decided to take over and be in charge of the house he let her do her thing without much of a fight. He had seen a lot of kids and animals come and go throughout the years so he was used to going with the flow.
Tom loved lying in the warm sun, full moons, drinking water out of your water glass, and being pet anywhere but his belly or sore old hips. He was very well loved by his family and all the lady cats in the neighborhood. Tom lived a long life and died nobly of old age. I'll miss you lots Tom, even your late night meows/howls when your parents were away.

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Oct 29, 2009

Get ready for a Handmade Ho Down - Etsy Style

This just in! Vivi Dot was accepted to the first ever San Francisco Handmade Ho Down put on by the lovely folks at SF Etsy! It's gonna be a spectacular event with 60 diverse vendors, live art, music, booze, raffles, gift bags and oh so much more. And since it 'tis the the season they'll be raising money and collecting art supplies for DrawBridge (a non profit organization that strives to provide art programs for homeless children in the Bay Area).
I'm already cooking up some extra fun holiday items and will be selling some all new products at this show. Make sure to mark you calendars and come by for a good time and great shopping!Here are the details:
Thursday December 3rd
6pm- 12am
Free Admission
21 and over
1015 Folosom, San Francisco
Go to www.handmadehodown.com for more informationPin It

Oct 16, 2009

Renegade Holiday Craft Fair - San Francisco

I'm in! I just got word that I was accepted as a vendor at the first ever (in San Francisco) Renegade Craft Fair Holiday show! This is the first time I applied for this show so it has been anticipation station here at Vivi Dot all morning. The show is at Fort Mason on December 19th and 20th, just in time to take care of all your final Christmas shopping needs. Mark your calendars and save the date!
You can check out a previous post about what I bought at the Renegade Craft Fair last time I went as a shopper.Pin It

Oct 12, 2009

Scoutie Girl Gifts

Scoutie Girl Gifts recently launched and it has quickly become my go to place for all things handmade. I've already bookmarked quite a few items for my holiday shopping list. I submitted a gift guide of my own to the site and it was posted last week! Check out my 'Let's Go to the Zoo' gift guide with twelve hand made pieces featuring my favorite zoo creatures. If you like what you see please cast a vote for the guide by clicking the five stars at the bottom of the page.

Make sure to also visit the Scoutie Girl Blog for daily finds from the world of the passionately handmade.
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Sep 17, 2009

Pool Tradeshow Las Vegas!

I made it through my first trade show! Vivi Dot had a booth in the Cash and Carry section of POOL at the beginning of September and it was a great success. Backing up just a bit, I'll explain how this show differs from all of the other shows I've done. POOL is a part of the huge MAGIC trade show where many, many clothing and accessory companies present their lines to buyers from across the world. Buyers from department stores, owners of small town boutiques and everyone in between come to place orders for their businesses. Most brands set up extravagant booths that display their pieces that are currently available for order. The Cash and Carry section that I was in allows buyers to purchase items on the spot so they can try newer lines like Vivi Dot out before they place a larger order. This section also makes it easier for small timers like me to get our foot in the door in the world of wholesaling.

I've been in stores in the Bay Area for a few years, but getting Vivi Dot ready for world wide expansion was a huge undertaking. I started out by redesigning my packaging to give everything a consistent, noticeable look. Hanna Nation, of Gadabout Paper did some amazing drawings of my products as well as created a few of her adorable girl drawings with some Vivi Dot product accents. I incorporated these into the cards I use as well as my line sheet (an informational catalog for buyers).
Vivi Dot Line Sheet
After the packaging was all squared away it was time to come up with an edited assortment of prints and products. Now that I'm designing my own fabrics for the products I'm no longer limited to what I can find at the fabric store. Duncan and I went through numerous iterations and color tests and decided on our favorite prints to use for the show. Since the fabric I get printed is limited in some respects (the saturation of certain colors, etc) I supplemented my designs with some of my favorite prints from Pea Pod Fabrics. Here's the final collection of swatches that were offered:

The last important step in preparing was mass production. I sweatshopped myself right down to the last minute with devoted help from Duncan all along the way. I've done big shows before, but nothing where someone might come by and want to buy 8 of this item and 10 of that item so my mind was reeling with all possible scenarios and how I could prepare myself for each of them.

Finally it was time to go so I packed up my things into two heavy suitcases and hopped on my Virgin America flight to Las Vegas. My sister, Emily and her husband Bryce live in Vegas which was a huge advantage. I was able to have a home for my home base instead of an unfamiliar hotel. I was also able to use some of Emily's plastic drawers for under the table storage, a cooler for our food and drinks and other items that made everything so much easier than if we had to bring everything ourselves.

Emily, Bryce and I headed to the convention center on Sunday afternoon to check everything out and set up what we could the day before. There were surprisingly few people around, likely due to the fact that the air conditioning was off making it ridiculously hot inside. Later that day, I picked Duncan up at the airport around 8:30 and we headed back to the house to finish putting all of the products on their newly designed cards. This task, as always, took much longer than expected so I was up until about 2:30 am getting every last thing together.

Four short hours later I was up and headed to the show. My first sale was from a salon owner from Phoenix. She purchased twenty items and started the day off in the right direction. A few hours later I had completed a few more big orders and already covered the cost of the booth! I was getting great feedback on my new packaging and it was amazing to finally hear what people thought of everything after so much preparation. I must have been running on adrenaline because my lack of sleep didn't even hit me until after dinner. I felt initiated after day one was complete and was happy to know what to expect for the next two days.

Click any of the images to see them enlarged.

Even though we were exhausted, Duncan and I headed out to dinner and then to the POOL Opening Party at the Hard Rock Hotel pool. We really wanted to see Glass Candy perform, but we were too exhausted to stay and wait for them to go on. We called it a night around midnight and already couldn't wait to do absolutely nothing after the second day of the show.

Day two and three went really well for us too. It would be slow for a while and then our energy would be recharged after another order was placed. I also had time to do some shopping at some of the other vendor's booths. The awesome items I picked up are worth a separate post of their own.

After a full night's sleep and the completion of day three it was time to hit the town. I treated Duncan to an amazing dinner at Koi at Planet Hollywood for all of his amazing help before and during the show. As you can see in this photo we had an incredible view of the Belagio Fountains and the strip.
After dinner and some tequila we played some quarter slots and in an unexpected turn of events I couldn't lose! I started out by putting in $10, bounced around to a bunch of different machines and continuously won. I never hit a big jackpot, but would get $10 here, $25 there and eventually ended up walking away with over $200. Duncan wasn't quite as lucky, but he was happy only spending about $20 to play the slots and have never ending 'free' bud lights all night.

I'm really happy to have my first big trade show behind me. Now I can go into the next one with more confidence knowing I've made it through one before. I'll be sure to update you soon about where to find Vivi Dot across the US and Canada!

If you own a boutique and are interested in carrying Vivi Dot products please visit the Wholesale Page and submit your information. After that's complete I will follow up and provide you with my line sheet, pattern swatches and order form.Pin It

Sep 16, 2009

Vivi Dot Loves Marc and Marc Loves Dots

It's no secret that I love bold prints and splashes, or should I say dots, of color. I am drawn to the same thing when it comes clothing, though I tend to stick to solids and let my accessories make the statement. Marc Jacobs is an obvious fan of bold prints and flashy accessories too. I was just perusing the photos from his Marc by Marc Jacobs spring runway show on NYMag.com and immediately thought his ensembles would look great with some super sized Vivi Dot earrings, rings and brooches. Then to my surprise, a few photos later there they were! Round brooches with pops of color!marc jacobs runway
marc jacobs runwayNow if Marc would only call me for a fun collab on something for his next show. For now I'll just try taking a cue from Mr. Jacobs and mix and match not only my bright accessories, but also be more courageous when it comes to mixing my prints.
marc jacobs runway
marc jacobs runway
marc jacobs runway

marc jacobs runway

Photo Credit: Imaxtree via NYMag.com
See all the photos here.Pin It

Aug 11, 2009

Oh hi, Ojai!

Duncan and I took a trip down to Ojai (pronounced oh hi) two weekends ago for the wedding celebration of our good friends Keith and Becca. We jumped in the Yaris with our new friend Josh who hitched a ride to the event and were on our way Friday evening. We had Saturday to explore and relax a bit before we headed out for the wedding so I thought I'd share some photos from our adventures.

On the Vivi Dot front I've been busy redesigning all of my packaging and working madly to prepare for POOL which is a mere 21 days away. I will have some exciting photos and products to share with you soon.Pin It

Jul 8, 2009

Prague Log

So waaay back in April I went on a fabulous holiday with some of my girlfriends from college. We made a quick stop in London and then ventured off to Prague for a week of sightseeing, eating and drinking. As per usual, I had high hopes about how I could share our adventures here on the Dot Girl Blog, but then failed to make time to execute my lofty ambitions. So instead of carrying the guilt of a missed opportunity around with me I've decided to share tidbits of our excursions as I find time to do so.
I'll start off by sharing some photos I captured of my friends sporting their Vivi Dot gear. This is Andrea sporting a bright green Chrysanthemum Vivi Dot Flower Brooch. She's partaking in one of our favorite finds from the trip, Potato Soup. This delicious soup was on just about every menu, until we were seeking it out on our last night. After seeing it and having it nearly each place we ate, we spent over an hour hunting it down for our last meal in town. And here's lovely Stacey wearing two Private School Plaid hair clips on our walking tour up to the Prague Castle.Okay, so there's not Vivi Dot item in this shot, but I can't post about Pruage and leave out the pivo! And finally here's a pic of my Traveling Gnome Earring posing by the candlelight at one of our scrumptious and wine fueled dinners. You can see some more pics from our trip on the Vivi Dot Flickr Page.Pin It

Jun 12, 2009


So there really is a valid excuse for my lack of blogging as of late... I'm prepping for POOL! I'm laying low and keeping busy behind the scenes getting ready for my biggest show yet. I'll be in the Cash and Carry section of the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas August 31st through September 2nd. As I've mentioned before, I'm working on an entirely new line of fabrics made especially for my one inch dots. I'll be posting about these items in the coming month(s) as they become available in the Vivi Dot Online Store so please continue to stay tuned. Photo credit goes to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I'm dying to sit poolside with one of their alcoholic snow cones in hand, but prepping for POOL is going to have to win out over sitting by one for now.

I've also commissioned Hanna Nation (aka Gadabout Paper) to draw images of my products for my marketing collateral, line sheet, etc. I saw her gorgeous stationary last week and instantly knew I needed to utilize her amazing skills. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! To top it all off I'll be moving the Vivi Dot headquarters (and the rest of my apartment) at the end of June. I'm overwhelmed with everything that has to be done between now and then (plus a weekend away in Seattle), but some how I'm sure I'll manage. Posting will continue to be sparse, but I hope to have some fun before and after photos of the new place and refinished furniture to share soon.

Here's to the hope of great, productive weekend (drinks raised). Happy Friday!Pin It