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Dec 15, 2008


Up until now I've depended on City Car Share for all my transportation needs that couldn't be fulfilled by Muni. Though I highly recommend it, a car of my own has become more and more of a necessity as I do more shows, need to restock stores during my lunch hour, etc. After many months of putting it off Duncan and I bit the bullet and bought a car over Thanksgiving weekend. Our new four door hatchback Yaris seems to be the perfect little car for all of our adventures. It gets excellent gas mileage (29 city and 35 highway) and also has tons of room in the back when the back seats are folded down. There's even a nifty little contraption in the back that unfolds and covers up the gap between the 'trunk' and the folded own seats. Megan of MCG and I even fit both of our booth supplies and product in there on Saturday after Indiemart. Our little Yaris came into our lives just in time too as I can't imagine how I would have gotten through my daily trips to the post office without her!
Oh and Indy whole heartedly approves as well: Pin It

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