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Dec 22, 2008

Something Special Under the Tree

While I was out stocking stuffer shopping this weekend I just couldn't bring myself to spend ten dollars on a roll of wrapping paper. The cheap stuff is more trouble than it's worth since it's see through and rips so easily but the good stuff is just too darn pricey (especially knowing it will be half off the day after we need it). With all my paper and craft supplies at home I decided a crafty project was in order. All I bought was a package of 100 white hang tags for $3.50 from the office supply store and I was headed back home to get creative. It was the first creative project I had done in a while that wasn't Vivi Dot related so I had extra fun time with it. Here are my creations:Holly and polka dots
Contact paper branch with holiday berries and leaves
Snakeskin paper Christmas tree
Festive Robots
RudolphPin It


awesomeleslie99 said...

Super creative and very cute. How did the receivers of the gifts like them?

Molly said...

They didn't want to open them so I think that's a good sign!

Allie said...

Jesus Mol. They look amazing. Maybe this could be your third endeavor. Amazing wrapping. They truly are.