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Dec 15, 2008

An Extra Large Holiday Delivery!

Vivi Dot had a busy weekend! I sold more than double what I normally do at Indiemart and had a great time doing it! There was even a line down the block to get in so it seems as though the word is out that it's the best place to drink and shop your weekend away.

Next up I spent a rainy Sunday inside making a over 20 items that needed to be shipped out today. I've been sending a couple of orders out each day but sending out ten packages at once marked a new record. Hopefully I'll soon look back at ten orders in a day as my 'humble beginnings,' but with this being my first official holiday season in the online world, I'm pretty excited about this record breaking day!

I mentioned before that Olive was patiently awaiting your orders so I figure it was only appropriate to have her pose next to today's big stack of boxes ready for shipment.
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