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Dec 23, 2008

Christmas is Cancelled

Okay, it's not really cancelled just slightly postponed this year.

Seattle is under a blanket of snow with more predicted to be on the way tonight and tomorrow. At first glance this makes everything seem pretty and serene, but only until you try to go anywhere. Most flights were cancelled or extremely delayed yesterday, but things seem to be back on track this morning. That doesn't mean it's not a nightmare getting to the airport and through the security line though. Unfortunately for the Gaines family this means our first Christmas apart. Emily and Bryce are driving into San Francisco from Las Vegas today, but Mom had to make the tough decision to avoid the madness and remain snowed in up Seattle. Luckily there's no shortage of friends and family near by offering her Christmas plans to keep her busy. We'll miss ya Mom and it definitely won't be the same without you with us. Can't wait to see you soon, give you a great big belated Christmas hug and celebrate late this year.

And for your viewing pleasure I've included the good and the bad that come with along with a white Christmas. (photos courtesy of The Seattle PI)

The Naughty:
And the Nice:

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The Shopaholic said...

Oh ! I love this photography !