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Nov 28, 2008

A New Blogger Friend!

Marta of Marta Writes came across my watch necklaces on Etsy and became a fan. Today she posted a list of her favorite online shops for a Black Friday Giveathon. Make sure to check out her excellent list of suggestions and take advantage of the special discounts designers (including Vivi Dot) are offering through her site. Make sure to follow her blog as well because it's a great one! I'm so glad she found Vivi Dot so we can keep up with all the fun and innovative things she's doing!Pin It

Nov 20, 2008

The Vivi Dot Family

Though I introduced the furry portion of the Vivi Dot family some time ago I think it's now time to put some faces to the names I often refer to on this blog. I'll also give you some insight into who does what.

This is my Grandma Dorthy (aka Dottie or Dot). She's literally the 'Dot' in Vivi Dot and is easily my biggest fan. Every time I talk to her she reminds me how much she loves the watch necklace I recently gave her and she's also been known to carry a book of Vivi Dot photos with her to show off to her friends. This is my boyfriend Duncan (aka Dunbar). He's also my roommate, the father of my dog Indy and kitty Olive and my full time partner in crime. He's a film editor by day (and sometimes night), makes awesome graphics for buttons (from Tim Gunn to psychedelic bananas), and can always be counted on to pick up the slack in the button pressing department when I'm going crazy getting ready for a show. I don't even have to ask him to join me at all of my shows around town. He's always there to help pack, drive, unpack, set up, drink beer and slang Vivi Dot stuff with the rest of us. Oh and he's also been known to work as my shipping manager when the timing works out.These are my good friends Allie and Summer (and me in the middle). We met while dancing in a hip hop dance group about 5 years ago. We're no longer with the group, but we find ourselves dancing pretty much anywhere it's allowed. As far as Vivi Dot goes they are my button pressing queens and booth attendant extraordinaires. They know the merch, the prints, and the business like it's their own and their dedication and support is incredible. I pay them in food, alcohol and Vivi Dot merchandise which makes it a great deal for me. This is me, Molly. I'm the owner and designer of Vivi Dot. I come up with new products, choose the prints, cut all of the fabric circles, glue all the findings onto the buttons, design the packaging, create and maintain the website, blog and online store and all of the other business stuff that goes along with Vivi Dot. That's it! Though there are other people that contribute from out of state whenever they can (my Mom Pam and sister Emily) that sums up the Vivi Dot family. Yay Vivi Dot team!Pin It

Nov 7, 2008

Modish Marketplace

Vivi Dot is excited to be a part of the Modish Marketplace for the month of November and December! We're in great company (ModCloth, ShanaLogic, Asking For Trouble, Emma Gordon London, and oh so much more) and have already started crossing items off our gift list for the holidays. The best part is each designer is offering an exclusive discount for Modish Marketplace shoppers so you can find a slew of great deals on unique, handmade vintage and indie goods all in one place! You can find the Vivi Dot listing and coupon code in the accessories section.
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Nov 2, 2008

International Shipping!

Vivi Dot is excited to announce that we now accept international offers in our online store!

If you are ordering outside the US or Canada you will automatically be charged $4 for shipping via USPS First-Class International mail. If shipping to your country is significantly higher than the $4 charge we will notify you that additional payment is required to process your order. We will then send you an invoice via email for the additional amount. Once the difference in the shipping charge is paid your order will be sent out as soon as possible.

You can check the USPS website to see how much shipping to your country will actually be. Select your country from the drop down, package, and enter 0 pounds and 8 ounces (the approximate weight of most Vivi Dot orders).Pin It