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Oct 30, 2008

Product Highlight- Stemless VinoDots

Now that Halloween is over it's time for the holiday festivities to begin! Stemless VinoDots are a must have for pre turkey day cocktails, frothy cups of eggnog and your New Year's Eve champagne. They're a great conversation piece and make an excellent hostess gift.

Traditional wine charms are great, but can you remember which charm is yours after a glass of wine or two? With VinoDots, each clip-on wine charm comes with a matching button with a pin back closure to wear as a reminder. Unique prints make it easy to match your button with your glass. Never forget which wine glass is yours again!
Each of the eight clip-on wine charms is made with a 1-inch button with a clip attached to the back. They easily attach to your wine, champagne or cocktail glass. A matching button with a pin closure attaches to your sleeve, collar or any fabric. Clear mylar protects the paper and metal button face and makes clean-up easy. Simply wipe VinoDots and buttons clean with a damp cloth (not dishwasher or washing machine safe).Each set includes 8 handmade charms and 8 matching pinback buttons and comes in a tin container with a clear top cover.

VinoDots were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide! Click here to see the online version of the article.Pin It

15% ViviDotStore Discount!

The Vivi Dot holiday shopping discount begins this Saturday, November 1st! Everyone on the Vivi Dot mailing list will receive 15% off everything in the online store! If you're already subscribed you'll receive an email with your coupon code shortly. If you'd like to subscribe and get the discount please visit our contact page here to enter your email address and get your code too. The discount expires December 15th so sign up today!

With 15% you'll only pay $34 for watch necklaces, $12.75 for flower brooches, $10.20 for earrings, etc. What a deal!

Oh and Olive is in charge of the mailing list and she's anxiously waiting for you sign up!
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Oct 27, 2008

Product Highlight- Watch Necklaces

Vivi Dot Watch Necklaces are finally available in the online store!

Each Vivi Dot watch necklace is made of one quartz movement, 23mm round pendant watch with a dot attached to the stainless steel back. It is attached to a 26-inch sterling silver chain that easily slips over your head. It is designed so that when the wearer picks up the watch to read the time, they see it right-side-up.

Your Vivi Dot watch necklace will arrive with the 'set' pin pulled out. When your watch arrives, simply adjust the time and push the pin back into place to start the battery. The battery can be replaced by removing the back of the watch.

Don't forget if you don't see the print you want you can always place your order via email from the pattern catalog. See this post for more information on that.Pin It

Oct 23, 2008

Vivi Dot's First Advertisement!

I made a bold move and decided to purchase my first advertisement for Vivi Dot! I'll have a small little space in the December/January issue (on news stands the end of Nov) of ReadyMade Magazine. Check out the proof of my ad below and make sure to check out the 'Gallery' section of the issue so you can see and use the coupon code that I conveniently removed for this post. Sorry, you've gotta get the mag if you want the discount. Please note that the watch necklace in this photo should be available in the Vivi Dot Online Store within the next week.
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Oct 21, 2008

Product Highlight- Flower Brooch

Today's featured product is the Vivi Dot flower brooch. Each handmade flower is made up of six fabric covered buttons attached to a sturdy bar pin with a secure catch closure. They measures just under 3 inches round and are the perfect addition to your fall coat, can add some color to a simple hand bag or tie any outfit together. Check out all of the print options here and look for even more coming soon.
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Oct 20, 2008

Blog of Note!

Vivi Dot is Blogger's 'Blog of Note' today! I'm so excited for the chance to get my blog in front of so many people who are new to Vivi Dot! Hope you enjoy it.
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Oct 17, 2008

Duncan's Quicksilver Video

Check out the rad video Duncan just completed for Quicksilver. It's an interview with Kelly Slater who recently secured his 9th Association of Surfing Professionals world title during the Billabong Pro event. This is huge considering no other surfer in the 32-year history of the Assn. of Surfing Professionals has won more than four world titles.

Between this and his recent Tim Gunn creation I think it's official that I have the coolest bf around.

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Oct 16, 2008

Capsule Design Festival

The Capsule Design Festival is this Sunday in Hayes Valley! Come visit Vivi Dot on the corner of Octavia street at Hayes. Duncan and I will be selling dots from 11am to 6pm so don't miss out! I've got some fun, new, fall friendly prints (private school plaid, houndstooth, and more) and there will even be some items featuring the awesome Tim Gunn image Duncan made (see the previous post). Hope to see you there!
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Oct 9, 2008

Gunn/Oldham 2012

Tim Gunn is very loved in my household. He's smart, articulate and cares so much for those darn Project Runway designers it often brings him to tears. Duncan made this awesome tribute to the man who gives horribly dressed ladies hope on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style as well as killer soundbites on Project Runway.
Can't wait to see you judge the finale Tim!
Tim Gunn For President!
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Oct 7, 2008

Indiemart This Weekend!

Don't forget to check out the Indie-mart this weekend! Vivi Dot is sitting this one out, but will be there to shop and enjoy this awesome event as a patron instead of a vendor.
Sunday, October 12th at Thee Parkside from noon to six
Up next for Vivi Dot is the Capsule Street Fair on Oct. 19th in Hayes Valley.Pin It