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Sep 26, 2008

Vivi Dot Online Pattern Catalog

It's likely not too hard to believe that I've become quite obsessed with fabric and paper. You could say I look at the world differently now... in terms of what things would look like on a one-inch button. This obsession means I'm constantly adding to my collection of fabrics and paper which makes it quite difficult to keep my pattern catalog up to date. Knowing that I'll realistically never be 'caught up,' I've decided to post what I have so far. You can check out all of my lovely patterns (fabrics, paper prints, as well as custom made images) here:

If you see a pattern you must have that's not currently in the Vivi Dot Online Store please don't hesitate to email me the pattern code that's listed below each circle swatch along with the product you'd like. There's no additional charge for ordering Vivi Dot items this way so get to shopping!

Email: orders {at} vividotonline.com
Pattern Code:
Shipping Address:
Shipping Preference: Select USPS or UPS (USPS is $3 for US and Canada & $4 International with no tracking and no guaranteed delivery times vs. UPS which price and delivery time varies based on location but allows you to track your shipment and is guaranteed)

All orders take approximately 2-4 days to ship (I have to make them and give them ample time to dry). Once I receive your order I will send you an invoice via email that can be paid securely online with a credit card or a paypal account.

Here is a list of my products and prices:
Buttons (Paper) = $1 or six for $5
Buttons (Fabric = $1.50 or six for $7.50
Ring = $5
Pair of Hair Pins = $6
Pair of Hair Clips = $8
Jumbo Hair Clip = $10
Earrings = $12
Flower Brooch = $15
Garment Clip = $24
Pocket Watch = $40
Watch Necklace = $40
Money Clips = $6
Tie Tacks = $5
Cuff Links = $15
Magnets = $12
Bookmarks = $6
VinoDots = $25 (paper only)Pin It