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Sep 2, 2008

Glorious Laborious

I've been sweatshopping myself like crazy in preparation for the Treasure Island Music Festival. I've hand cut thousands and thousands (no exaggeration) of fabric circles, had a bunch of help pressing them all, and have sorted each 'dot' according to which Vivi Dot product they'll become. It was truly a LABOR day weekend!

Lucky for me I was able to get some sun while I pumped out tons of dots. Check out my warm weekend set up below as well as our spread of summery refreshments.

Up next- My first trip to Montana for my sister's wedding this week! I'll be sure to post the many ways the lovely bride incorporated Vivi Dot into her wedding.

Now I'm off to work on my wedding toast!Pin It


The Purple Punch said...

this is how we do it!

polly conway said...

that looks so summery and awesome! crafting + drinking = good time.