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Sep 26, 2008

Vivi Dot Online Pattern Catalog

It's likely not too hard to believe that I've become quite obsessed with fabric and paper. You could say I look at the world differently now... in terms of what things would look like on a one-inch button. This obsession means I'm constantly adding to my collection of fabrics and paper which makes it quite difficult to keep my pattern catalog up to date. Knowing that I'll realistically never be 'caught up,' I've decided to post what I have so far. You can check out all of my lovely patterns (fabrics, paper prints, as well as custom made images) here:

If you see a pattern you must have that's not currently in the Vivi Dot Online Store please don't hesitate to email me the pattern code that's listed below each circle swatch along with the product you'd like. There's no additional charge for ordering Vivi Dot items this way so get to shopping!

Email: orders {at} vividotonline.com
Pattern Code:
Shipping Address:
Shipping Preference: Select USPS or UPS (USPS is $3 for US and Canada & $4 International with no tracking and no guaranteed delivery times vs. UPS which price and delivery time varies based on location but allows you to track your shipment and is guaranteed)

All orders take approximately 2-4 days to ship (I have to make them and give them ample time to dry). Once I receive your order I will send you an invoice via email that can be paid securely online with a credit card or a paypal account.

Here is a list of my products and prices:
Buttons (Paper) = $1 or six for $5
Buttons (Fabric = $1.50 or six for $7.50
Ring = $5
Pair of Hair Pins = $6
Pair of Hair Clips = $8
Jumbo Hair Clip = $10
Earrings = $12
Flower Brooch = $15
Garment Clip = $24
Pocket Watch = $40
Watch Necklace = $40
Money Clips = $6
Tie Tacks = $5
Cuff Links = $15
Magnets = $12
Bookmarks = $6
VinoDots = $25 (paper only)Pin It

Sep 24, 2008

The Adventures of a TIMF Vendor

After a marathon weekend at the Treasure Island Music Festival I've finally found the time to announce to the blogosphere that it was a success! This show was by far the biggest event the Vivi Dot team has ever participated in and we're proud to say we not only survived, but we had a great time and sold a record number of dots along the way.

Here's how it all went down....
Duncan and I headed out to Treasure Island on Friday to set up and check out our booth space. By the time we arrived it was pretty chilly and windy so set up really only amounted to hanging some lanterns, figuring out our table layout and dropping off as much product and display supplies as we could. We walked around the grounds and were pleasantly surprised to see how small it was. It definitely is a 'boutique festival' and not nearly as daunting as Coachella, Outside Lands, etc. After our quick walk around we were off to Trader Joe's to grab snacks and beverages for the weekend ahead.

We woke up early on Saturday and headed off to pick up Summer and Allie who had coffee and bagels waiting for us. We arrived on Treasure Island around 10am and quickly started setting up the booth. We couldn't have asked for a better location as we were on the corner facing the main entrance/walkway. We were also neighbors with the mini Indie-mart so our friends from Deadbeat Sister, Pop Junkie, etc were right nearby. We were also kitty corner to San Franpsycho who we later realized was run by a guy (Andy) who Duncan grew up skating with. The only drawback to our open corner spot was that we were at the mercy of strong gusts of wind. Thank goodness for cat ties and fishing line! We rigged up some Macgyver type s*#t that saved us from having to have someone guard the outside of the booth and watch for fly-away product.

The concert goers started streaming in at 11:30 and the traffic flow to our booth didn't really slow down at all until after dinner. Duncan and I were able to sneak away to catch a little bit of Hot Chip and Justice and listened to everything else from our booth, which thanks to the alternating stages was easy to do.

Day two went pretty much the same way as the first, but it was a tad busier, warmer and less windy early on. I was excited to see that there were buyers for each of my varied products though rings, small hair clips and watch necklaces seemed to be the biggest sellers. All of the shoppers were upbeat and really excited about what the Vivi Dot booth had to offer. It was awesome to get the Vivi Dot name and products out there to an entirely new set of consumers.

Allie and Summer headed home on the shuttle after dinner. This allowed them to get home at a more reasonable hour and freed up the entire car to get everything home. We started packing up at the designated 9:30, mid way through the Raconteurs set. We made the tough decision to hoof it to the car with everything instead of waiting at least another hour and half before we'd be able to drive onto the grounds. This was a really rough way to end three very long days, but when my head hit the pillow at 11:45 instead of after 1:00am it was definitely worth it. Oh and frozen treat from the ice cream man on the way back from our first of three trips to car didn't hurt either.

Check out some of the 'press' Vivi Dot has received as a result of the TIMF:
Classy Sassy
Worn Through
Pin It

Sep 18, 2008

Treasure Island Music Festival!

The weekend is nearly upon us which means it's time to wrap up the non-stop manufacturing and start packing up! Vivi Dot is headed to the Treasure Island Music Festival!

Okay, so Vivi Dot isn't actually the headliner, but we are very excited for our biggest event yet! Stop by the vendor village to check out our new products, prints & more! It's going to be a great event with amazing music, shopping, eco friendly fun, & even a ferris wheel. Click here to buy your tickets now!

Event Details
Saturday and Sunday Sept. 20st and 21st, 2008
12:00 'til 10:30 pm on Treasure Island, San Francisco
Free parking and bus pick-up from Lot A at AT&T Park

Here's who you'll find in the TI vendor village:
826 Valencia
Axe Heaven
Clean Water Action
Coco Loco
Creative Solutions
EHS Pilates
Generation Obama
Gig Art
Like Minded People
Lil Tuffy
Madu Salon
Open Mind Music
ReadyMade Magazine
Recycling Store
SF Bike Coalition
The Girl and Her Rhino
The mini Indiemart
The Postcard Machine
the Small Stakes
Well RX Designers
YelpPin It

Sep 2, 2008

Glorious Laborious

I've been sweatshopping myself like crazy in preparation for the Treasure Island Music Festival. I've hand cut thousands and thousands (no exaggeration) of fabric circles, had a bunch of help pressing them all, and have sorted each 'dot' according to which Vivi Dot product they'll become. It was truly a LABOR day weekend!

Lucky for me I was able to get some sun while I pumped out tons of dots. Check out my warm weekend set up below as well as our spread of summery refreshments.

Up next- My first trip to Montana for my sister's wedding this week! I'll be sure to post the many ways the lovely bride incorporated Vivi Dot into her wedding.

Now I'm off to work on my wedding toast!Pin It