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Aug 13, 2008


Some friends from the other city in California recently had an art show. Duncan and I couldn't make it down to LA because it was the same weekend as Indie-Mart, but we sent our support via buttons instead.
Jesi created some awesome artwork for promo buttons that they passed out at the show. Duncan gets full credit for production on those though. He manufactured all of them while I got ready for Indie-mart. Jessi's working on some more images for me so watch out for her special addition Vivi Dot buttons soon!

Check out some of the awesome pieces below and look out for the Vivi Dot thumb tacks they used to mark everything.

Jessi's artwork at the show:

Some great pics from Bette:
Spotted! A Vivi Dot ring on that hand with the keg cup.
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1 comment:

Thorn said...

This looks pretty awesome