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Aug 6, 2008

Indie-mart named best of the Bay

Congrats to Indie-mart (and Kelly) for winning the 'Best Nomadic Hipster Boutique' in the 2008 Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay awards! Check out the fun write up below:
The Mission Indie Mart, a roaming thrift store, local design showcase, and barbecue that takes place monthly in backyards and at dive bars throughout the Mission District was dreamt up by Kelly Malone, a tattooed hipster chick with three lifelong obsessions: DIY fashion, hard drinking, and good times. Sadly, while her hobbies did wonders for her social life, they caused quite a stir at the Gap, where Malone had been working for more than 10 years. So she set up her own business. Her brainchild has become a staple of Mission dwelling: a monthly opportunity to mingle with artists, musicians, fashion designers, misfits, and fall-down drunks like the founder herself, whose hourly announcements at MIM evolve throughout the day from straightforward information to inebriated performance art. Her best line to date: "The bathrooms are in the back, the T-shirts are in the corner, and the vodka is in my belly. Now come on stage and let's get naked, bitches. Wooo!"

And another congrats should go to Broke-Ass Stuart who won for Best Local Author! You can often find Stuart selling his books and T's at Indie-mart too.Pin It

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