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Aug 13, 2008


Some friends from the other city in California recently had an art show. Duncan and I couldn't make it down to LA because it was the same weekend as Indie-Mart, but we sent our support via buttons instead.
Jesi created some awesome artwork for promo buttons that they passed out at the show. Duncan gets full credit for production on those though. He manufactured all of them while I got ready for Indie-mart. Jessi's working on some more images for me so watch out for her special addition Vivi Dot buttons soon!

Check out some of the awesome pieces below and look out for the Vivi Dot thumb tacks they used to mark everything.

Jessi's artwork at the show:

Some great pics from Bette:
Spotted! A Vivi Dot ring on that hand with the keg cup.
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Aug 6, 2008

Treasure Island Music Festival!

I am very very excited to announce that Vivi Dot was chosen to be a vendor at the Treasure Island Music Festival! There are only about 35 spots for non profits, poster sellers, other non food/drink vendors so I thought making it was quite a long shot. Nonetheless I got word last week that I'm in!

I've got a ton of work ahead of me to prepare for the 12,000 person crowds two days in a row. Any wagers on how many circles I'll cut between now and then?
I'm looking forward to finding out who else will be selling there. Kelly (Indiemart) is putting together a mini Indie-Mart within a couple of booths, but that's all I know so far.

Buy your tickets soon because the line-up is amazing!Pin It

Indie-mart named best of the Bay

Congrats to Indie-mart (and Kelly) for winning the 'Best Nomadic Hipster Boutique' in the 2008 Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay awards! Check out the fun write up below:
The Mission Indie Mart, a roaming thrift store, local design showcase, and barbecue that takes place monthly in backyards and at dive bars throughout the Mission District was dreamt up by Kelly Malone, a tattooed hipster chick with three lifelong obsessions: DIY fashion, hard drinking, and good times. Sadly, while her hobbies did wonders for her social life, they caused quite a stir at the Gap, where Malone had been working for more than 10 years. So she set up her own business. Her brainchild has become a staple of Mission dwelling: a monthly opportunity to mingle with artists, musicians, fashion designers, misfits, and fall-down drunks like the founder herself, whose hourly announcements at MIM evolve throughout the day from straightforward information to inebriated performance art. Her best line to date: "The bathrooms are in the back, the T-shirts are in the corner, and the vodka is in my belly. Now come on stage and let's get naked, bitches. Wooo!"

And another congrats should go to Broke-Ass Stuart who won for Best Local Author! You can often find Stuart selling his books and T's at Indie-mart too.Pin It