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Jul 24, 2008

SFIndieFashion Mention!

I'm very excited to report that Vivi Dot was mentioned in an SFIndieFashion.com post! SFIndieFashion is a go to place for me to make sure I'm up to date on all of the indie fashion happenings in the Bay Area. Lorraine Sanders is the author behind the site and does a great job covering events, spreading the word about local designers, etc, etc. I read her posts regularly and was very excited to see 'Vivi Dot' listed in an interview piece with the one and only Kelly Malone (of Indie-mart and Still Life).

"This week, Kelly was kind enough to let us bug her with our questions during an afternoon visit to Still Life, where you’ll find lots of lovely creations and men’s and women’s apparel from local folks like Nooworks, Amanda Archer, Kate Durkin, Turk & Taylor, 19 Moons Jewelry, Please Dress Up and Vivi Dot."

Make sure to check out the full article and add SFIndieFashion.com to your list of sites to check often!

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Jul 22, 2008

Count Down To Indiemart: 5 days

5 days until the Indie-mart hits Potrero Hill, San Francisco!

Check out the awesome designer lineup:

Still Life * Taxi CDC * six.month.snow * Turk & Taylor * Broke Ass Stuart * Mamacow * McG Tees * Vividot * Noli * Office Tramp * Patron Saint * Artefacture * Yuka Koe * Culture Consumer * Extra Fuerte * Cynically Delicious * 5733 * AC Clothing & Bags * Logic vs Love * 307 Shotwell * 12 Designs Secession Art & Design * Mafia Threads * Unparalled Umbrellas * Late Night Foodie * Leonleaf * Pollyana Cowgirl Designs * Rock Candy * Budcozy * Field Day Wearable * Cara Lyndon Designs * Indie Industries * Lucky Space Monkey * Mama's Little Babies * Nooworks * Que Lastima * Nouveau Motley * Ofina Jewelry * Chelsea Gai * Chris Lewis Jewelry * Squirrelsnest * qUirkfactory * Kyle Sada * Malkeeta * Super Sugar Ray * Tedda Hughes * Mushroom Project #15 * Pantyline Productions * Sweet Marie * Shana Astrachan * Vinyl Frontier * Girly Whirly * Question, etc. * A Taste of Brazil/ Arara * Animal Instincts * Blackbird Photography * Chiz Studio * Queen Puff Puff * Riquelle Small * SAAZ Designs * Ruchi Studio * Warwick Designs * Blue Ballad Designs * Dana Levitt Designs * Schwabne/enee Fabric Design * Audrey Acosta * Mireya Alonzo

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Jul 18, 2008

I heart DuncanHooper.com

I may be biased, but my boyfriend is a very talented film maker, editor, and an all around creative wizard. He recently completed his website and demo reel and you should definitely check it out! We've got an exciting project on the horizon that we'll be collaborating on so stay tuned for more awesome video creations coming soon.
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Count Down To Indiemart!

Let the countdown begin! Indiemart is nine days away and this one's gonna be awesome! It's been a couple of months since the last Indie-mart and Kelly Malone is doing this one bigger and better than ever! She's kicked it up a notch with a fun new venue and will be serving up a great new batch of designers (plus the old standbys) street festival style. Come have a beer, some bbq and some shopping Sunday July 27th at Thee Parkside.

There will be over 70 designers slanging their goods on Wisconsin street, in the bar and the beer garden! Throw in half a dozen DJ’s, awesome BBQ food all day long, cheap beers, drink specials, 2 bars, plenty of guys & plenty of ladies and all round good times in Potrero Hill on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday July 27th, 2008
Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin in Potrero Hill
12-6pm & Twang Sundays BBQ afterwards featuring live music, food & beer
free admission all day
Indie-mart on Myspace
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Jul 14, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair

This weekend marked the first annual Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I opted out of applying for this show as it wasn't great timing for a huge event for Vivi Dot, but I was very excited to attend as a shopper!

I did my homework beforehand and checked out all of vendor's websites. I like seeing how people portray themselves online and how it then contrasts with their presence at an event like this. It looked like there would be a decent number of vendors from out of town which meant a lot of great new things I haven't seen before.

One stop I knew I would have to make was at the Post Card Machine. Check out this YouTube video of the 'machine' in action and you'll see why.

As far as my purchases go, I am very proud to say that I avoided my usual temptation for clothing and jewelry and spent my money on art to decorate my walls instead!

I came home with this awesome one of kind piece from Michelle Caplan. I hung it at the top of the stairs and seem to like it even more each time I see it.

I'm also expecting this 'sprout-about wheel stick' in the mail within 2-3 weeks from Sprout Studio. I can't wait to get this hung up in my living room!

(image courtesy of SproutStudio.net)

We timed it just right to see/hear the crazy performance by Mucca Pazza as well. They're not your average marching band, in all the best ways possible.Pin It

Jul 11, 2008

Product Highlight: VinoDots

Traditional wine charms are great, but can you remember which charm is yours after a glass of wine or two? Was it the grapes or the wine bottle charm? With VinoDots, each double sided wine charm comes with a matching button with a pin back closure to wear as a reminder. Unique prints make it easy to match your button with your glass and you'll never forget which wine glass is yours again!

Each of the eight double sided wine charms is made with a silver plated 1" hoop wire. Each wire easily clasps shut around the stem of your wine glass. A matching button with a pin closure attaches to your sleeve, collar or any fabric. Clear mylar protects the paper and metal button face and makes clean-up easy. Simply wipe VinoDots and buttons clean with a damp cloth (not dishwasher or washing machine safe).

Each set includes 8 handmade charms and 8 matching pinback buttons and comes in a tin container with a clear top cover.

Not a wine drinker? Prefer stemless glasses? Clip on VinoDots are also available (also known as Kegger Dots). They slip over the edge of your stemless wine glass, plastic keg cup, etc.

VinoDots were featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide! Check out the online version of the article here.

Check out the standard prints in the Vivi Dot store or
email me for information about customized VinoDots and Kegger dots.Pin It

Jul 7, 2008

reCapsule & a new booth!

What started out as a long overdue recap of the Capsule Street Fair (aka my RECAPsule) has quickly turned into a detailed description of the redesign of my Vivi Dot booth. So here it goes...

This May's Capsule Design Festival was a success! I was busier than usual before the event because I decided to redesign my entire booth. I've been wanting to add some height to my display for some time so everything wasn't just flat on my table, but I didn't have any specific plans beyond that. That was until I was at Target and saw a garden mushroom that for some reason I knew I had to have. I wasn't sure what I'd do with it at the time of purchase, but before long I had envisioned a total overhaul of my booth with the mushroom as my inspiration. A lot of the fabrics I use feature whimsical forest creatures like squirrels, owls, hedgehogs, mushrooms, etc so I figured a happy forest theme was a good fit.

I had a bunch of grandiose ideas about how my booth could come together if I had all the time and resources I desired. I talked through some of my ideas with Duncan and his dad over dinner and Jeff suggested that I check out the flower mart as they would likely have most of the things I needed to make my brainstorms a reality. Duncan and I headed down there the next day and confirmed that it was just the place I needed to go. I found everything I needed- a few light weight planters, tiger branches that would be perfect for my earring tree, moss, a cute little owl, floral styrofoam and other odds and ends. I set my table up in our garage and started assembling.

I had scoured the Internet for something light weight that would look like tree stumps to hold up my shelf and give my display some much need height. I searched all over the place for paper mache ideas, planters, foot stools, etc but didn't come across anything that was just right. I did run across an awesome blog titled 'It's Knot Wood' that posts all things faux bois (fake wood) which was great for inspiration. Most importantly they reminded me about woodgrain contact paper! Viola! I'd make my own tree stumps!

I ended up finding two galvanized metal, tall flower pots that would be just the right height for the project. Next I cut a couple of big pieces of contact paper (which I found at ACE hardware) and crumpled them up. This was quite fun since avoiding wrinkles is usually the trickiest part of working with contact paper. I started attaching it to the upside down flower pots and my tree trunk idea finally became a reality.

Here are some additional updates I made:
* Added additional table linens for more color
* Made a new Vivi Dot sign from foix bois contact paper and coordinating paper
* Made new price tags and laminated them with my new favorite craft toy
* Created a pot full of flower brooches with the card holders you get in a bouquet of flowers (spray painted them green)
* Put together an earring tree out of tiger branches- complete with a cute little owl
* Made a fabric covered board on a diagonal slope to make it easier to see everything- I added ridges made out of doweling to keep everything from sliding
* Covered the button board frame and easel with the foix bois contact paper

Check out my photos of my redisigned booth from the May Capsule Street Fair below. And if you live in San Francisco you can come check it out in person at the Indie-mart on July 27th (12-6pm at Thee Parkside in Potrero Hill).

Pot of flowers


My loyal booth attendants (Duncan, Allie and Summer)

Earring Tree

Check out the Vivi Dot Flickr page for more photos from this event.Pin It