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Jun 4, 2008

You too are invited to Macau China

I only had about a week to turn around the third batch of Macau invitations. This meant that I definitely had to scrap the hand made paper lotus flower. There just wasn't any way to get that many of those suckers pumped out in a week while I was working almost full time. I also didn't have time to order more gold boxes so I was back to the drawing board entirely.

I initially pictured an envelope in place of the box. I didn't want to seal the envelope so I thought it would be cool to attach a Vivi Dot and a ribbon to a brad, punch a hole in the envelope to attach the brad, wrap the ribbon around the envelope, and wind the ribbon around the brad to keep it closed.

My first stop was Paper Source to check out their envelopes. I needed to stay within the same budget for supplies which I knew would be tricky. The paper flowers were tedious to make, but they were affective and cheap- just some discounted paper from Flax, a lot of Elmer's glue, and a ton of time. It was all the other components that added up quickly and I'd need to use all of those and add some new items. I needed to put together something as effective and not break the bank.

There was a portfolio type contraption on display that looked like a good option though I didn't see any for sale. The helpful sales associated explained that it's really just two envelopes glued together. I decided to run with that idea and bought their A9 envelopes in black and metallic stardream antique gold. They also had some great metallic gold tassels that were just what i needed to spice it up a little bit.

Next it was off to Flax to stock up on some more chiyogami paper to make up the actual invitation and to decorate the outside of the envelope. I new I'd be using a lot more of this nice paper for this design which would add up fast at $10 a sheet. They were out of the prints I had previously chosen so I had to start over there too. In the end I think it was good that I was forced to mix up the prints a bit. It differentiated this new design much more and ended up working really well.

Lots of cutting and 3 bottles of rubber cement later (the nice Japanese paper really soaks it up) I'm done! Check out the 3rd (and now 4th) round of invitations:



The actual invitation slips inside the black side of the folio. The reverse side of the gold and red circle has the black and gold print from the outside of the envelope.

Click here to check out the first round of invites.Pin It

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